Wanna Make Love To The Tea or Drink It? How About both?

You have to stop by this new cute little tea shop just opened in Dupont Circle – The Capital Teas.  It’s a fantastic little joint right north of  Q Street & Connecticut Avenue.  They carry a very good selection of loose-leaf teas and accessories like tea sets, tea pots, car cups, and French presses.

We were passing by their store and saw several people in there trying out their teas like the wine tasting experience. They had about 3 pots brewed for you to sample but you can walk around and smell each individual tea as well.  The intensity of the flavors and smells is unbelievable and it will be hard to decide since they all smell very good.  The blends tend to be a basic tea base with additional flavors like dried fruits and spices rather than just an exotic tea.  Most are a black tea base but they have a lot of white and green tea as well. Read more of this post

Looking for Cheaper Organics And Pretty Chicks? Be At Dupont Circle With Your Fishing Pole!

Those of you new to Awesome Washington DC, looking for a cheaper place than Whole Food for your organic goodies, try Dupont Circle Metro North Exit.

There is farm market in this part of town that has been running for years every Sunday from 8:00 a.m till 1:00 p.m. I just did my food shopping there for $55 that would have cost me around $80 from Whole Food. I guess my photos says it all. It’s fun and it’s usually showered by pretty chicks.  So, guys make sure to bring your fishing poles with you too. Read more of this post

Filter: My new café to blog from

Next time you are in Dupont Circle area, you got to visit this new coffee shop I recently discovered only a few blocks from where I live.   It just doesn’t look like a typical coffee shop from outside, but wait till you check out the inside.

The splendid little coffee shop called Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar in 20th st between R & S street less than three blocks north of Dupont Circle.  The joint located in what appears to be a former townhouse. Just look extra hard and you’ll see it. Your reward for your diligence? An awesome  cup of coffee, espresso,  and cappuccino. Read more of this post

Shake Shack Opening up in Washington, D.C.

As the crappiest Burger joint, fuddruckers closes down, another one blooms. Not that we had  shortage of Burger in Washington, D.C., Shake Shack is  just about to open  right south of Dupont Circle where Fuddruckers used to be. 

Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group announced the opening of the Shake Shack in Washington, DC today. Read more of this post

Clearwire Expand WiMAX to Five more Regions? Why?

Clearwire recently launched their WiMAX service in five smaller markets including Stockton and Modesto, Calif., Jackson, Fla., Wilmington, Del., and Grand Rapids, Mich, bringing commercial operations to 49 cities to date. The operator is moving forward aggressively with its launch plans and plans to increase its presence, announcing a wholesale deal with Best Buy last week. Read more of this post

Awesome Washington, D.C. 50 Years Ago [Photos]


H Street, NE, at 15th Street

Some recently discovered Awesome photographs show what commuting was like three generations ago in Washington, D.C. area. wow! looking at the photos, I feel so young 🙂 

The photos from the 1940s, 50s and ’60s, released by DDOT show Georgetown as a factory town with smokestacks and industrial yards, and Rosslyn with just a few one-story buildings and some dirt roads. 

Another photo shows Connecticut Avenue, just south of Dupont Circle, with street cars entering their own tunnels in the center of the road. Others show Tenley Circle nearly devoid of traffic, and H Street NE before the riots, when it was a vibrant commercial district. Read more of this post

Flippin’ Pizza: One of the Best and Cheapest Opened in Dupont Circle

Pizza lover of Washington, D.C. Flippin’ Pizza just opened one of their cutest joint two blocks from my place north Dupont Circle right off Connecticut Avenue. I have eaten a lot of great pizza in Spain, NY, Iran, California, England, and Paris– so I’m pretty picky about my pies!  After trying Flippin Pizza near y my place,  it will indeed  be my go-to place – very cute and cozy.

Thin and crusty on the outer edges, but gooey in the middle. Can’t ever go wrong with pizza…

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Hilton Rooftop Live Jazz

Celebrate summer with us at the Hilton rooftop, with an evening of  live jazz and dancing under the stars amidst the Washington skyline with illuminated monuments at a distance. The evening starts with a live jazz performance at the rooftop setting the stage for a wonderful night of networking. You are welcome to come on your own or invite your friends and colleagues to join us! Our rooftop jazz and dance soiree under the stars is a great way to unwind and commence your weekend festivities!

The lively Gibraltar band will be entertaining and playing their well-known Latin infused North African music for the evening. After the live jazz performance, dance the night away to the many exciting variety of genres the band plays. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to enjoy spectacular views of the Washington DC skyline while dancing to a live band. Read more of this post

Two New Awesome Apps for the Golfers and for Getting Direction

Given the  number of people with passion for golf in DC area and how confusing the streets of DC could be for those visiting, here are two awesome apps you may want to have on your iPhone if you have one. I will do another post once or if they launch the same app for Blackberry and Android.

Skobbler GPSTravel navigation Gets Cheaper  as Turn By Turn Navigation Goes Open Source

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World Cup and Gay Parade took Dupont Circle by Storm

The Mini World Cup in Dupont Circle – USA 1 : England 1.

This was the highest World Cup fever I had ever seen among the Washingtonians since 1985 when I moved here in DC.  It is about time 🙂  Soccer has seemingly gripped a good portion of the nation’s attention. Thousands gathered to watch U.S. take on stiff ass Brits in FIFA World Cup  around the circle and the surrounding Bars and clubs.

The event was organized by Michael Lipin and friend Aaron DeNu, the same men who organized the massive snowball fight, also in Dupont Circle, during the February Blizzard of 2010. Dupont Festival, which aims to organize public outdoor activities in Dupont Circle, also played a key role in organizing the event. Read more of this post