Hermione Way – The New Smoking Hot Media Entrepreneur in America

I was recently interviewed via Skype by Hermione Way, and she is determined to help startups to get their dream buzz that other media usually fail to do right. Although the quality of our skype video call wasn’t that great, I came away impressed with how she asked intelligent, though provoking questions and could grasp awesomize.me.  So, I decided to do a little bit of checking on Hermione Way. Those of you startup Washingtonians, you definitely need to be on her radar.

Hermione Way is a British journalist and media entrepreneur babe who moved to the US about six months ago.  She is currently based in San Francisco working for The Next Web.   What I like about her style compared to others like TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOm, Venturebeat,  as well as the major media giants like NY Times and LA Times who have covered my previous ventures, is her preparation and personal approach.  In our conversation, it was very apparent that she takes her time to study every startup, and subsequently goes about asking entrepreneurs the right questions. She brings a personal touch by interviewing them either face to face or via Skype. I find her and her approach very refreshing in the world of media and journalism – particularly when it comes to the coverage of tech startups which are typically more challenging to be understood by the journalists.

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Is Huffington Post Copying Awesome DC?

Starting from the left: Smoking hot dude (that would be me), a random chick, a British looking dude, Arianna Huffington

A long time ago the English cleric and writer Charles Caleb Colton said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” (well actually the word ‘form’ was added sometime later to the quote). Based on that I must be smoking hot!!!

I just received a note from a friend of mine that pointed me to an article on Huffington Post. They have apparently added a new feature called “HuffPost’s Greatest Person Of The Day”. This only 2 weeks after I had the pleasure of talking with Arianna Huffington during the FedTalks 2010 in DC and telling her about our “Awesome Washingtonian of the Day” feature!!! And they just launched this feature last night!

You nutty Arianna! You bad girl! It’s ok though. I take it as a compliment that your well known News website takes the idea from the little Awesome DC. Besides, we love you too much to get pissed at you. You have been doing a great job for this country and I applaud you for that. Read more of this post

Those who missed my seminar on Entrepreneurship

Those of you couldn’t make the Strayer University IT/ Entrepreneurs Club Seminar on Entrepreneurship over the weekend, here is the slide show I presented.  Special thanks to Mr. John Aberman with Amplifier Ventures and Awesome DC contributor who gave me the tips for my slides.

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Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Sept 10, 2010

Name: Hulya Aksu
Live in: Virginia
Originally from: Istanbul, Turkey
Profession: Entrepreneur, Publisher and Filmmaker
What I love about the DC area the most:
I love DC now but didn’t love it when I first moved here. I grew up in Southern CA and the adjustment at first was a little tough at times. As I got out, and participated in cultural events, I started to love it more and more each day. What I love about DC now is the fact it is very much alive with culture and international flavor and it also happens to be one of the greatest places on earth to start a business. The area is optimistic, robust and booming with innovation. I used to think the face of DC was government and government contractors, but as I discover new people and new places, I realize DC is indeed the capital city of the world on many more levels. Its geographic proximity to the world makes it an ideal homebase for people like myself who do business on both sides of the planet. Read more of this post

Strayer University IT/ Entrepreneurs Club Seminar on Entrepreneurship

Strayer University has organized a seminar to discuss how students prepare for the corporate world.  Everyone is invited.

Mission: The mission of  SUITE Club (Strayer University IT/ Entrepreneurs Club) is to play a central role in promoting IT and entrepreneurship education to both undergraduate and graduate students. In part the mission of SUITE club is to establish itself as an organization pivotal to the success of students concentrating in Consulting, Operation Management and Information Systems at the Strayer University. Read more of this post

Three Small Washington, D.C. Businesses Started and Growing In the Recession

Here are three businesses that started during the latest recession:

World Advisory Company

World Advisory Company (WAC) is a company started by Alexander Johnstone in Washington, DC. WAC provides consulting services to small businesses to assist them with their struggles through this stressful economic climate. Mr. Johnstone started the business in January 2010 and already has 4 part time consultants. That’s very impressive, but the most intriguing part of WAC is that Mr. Johnstone is only 24 years old. With a heart for entrepreneurship, Mr. Johnstone is definitely on a road to success. Read more of this post

Where to find government contracts in the DC Metro area?

Every entrepreneur and small business owner knows that landing a state or local contract will jump start their business to new heights. Their business will have a reference by the government and it doesn’t get much better than that. Also winning a county or state government contract will give you the credibility you need to win a federal government contract.

Most small businesses want to pursue these opportunities and know the opportunities exist, but don’t know how to find them. Read more of this post

Seminar: Navigating the Uncertain Patent Waters

If your company has or is obtaining a patent, don’t miss this important seminar!

In what many consider a surprise decision, the Supreme Court in Bilski decided that business methods can be patented, and rejected the machine-or-transformation test as the “sole test” for patent eligibility.  However, uncertainty remains on what will pass muster with the courts and the PTO.

Join MAVA’s Vanguard Series for a panel discussion on the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision.  Lead by Moderator Phil Bronner of Novak Biddle, Morrison & Foerster’s Alex Chartove and Alex Hadjis and BuySafe’s Jeff Grass, panelists will address a variety of topics including: Read more of this post

State of the VC Scene

by Elias Shams
On the heels of MAVA’s Capital Connection next week, here is another event you may want to attend. It is the annual Tech Venture Center (TVC) tradition hosted by Deloitte later this month titled “State of the VC Scene.”

You will hear from several active, local VCs who will have some interesting market observations to share, and hopefully, positive outlooks for the future of the VC and entrepreneur market!! Read more of this post

Economic Recovery Not Far Way

by Elias Shams
As a serial entrepreneur, I’m excited to share some data I just read on Dow Jones. Looks to me  economic recovery – in particular in tech sector, is not that far way. As private equity investment has been going down, venture capital funding has been going up:

Throughout 2009, funds for early-stage companies and multi-stage funds saw significant growth — optimistic signs heralding the return of venture capital. Funds fluctuated from quarter to quarter last year, but the year still ended strongly and Q1 2010 is robust compared to the beginning of last year. see more…