Awesome Washingtonians and Americans Compared to the rest of the World

Although racism is still an issue in our country and in our nation’s capital, when was the last time you witnessed things like what you are about to see in the video below in DC or the rest of our country?

Having lived and worked in the EU including London, Bonn, Paris, and Madrid from 2002 through mid 2006, grew up in Shiraz and Tehran, visited many Middle Eastern and Asian countries, I can absolutely confirm the story in this video. I not only experienced this firsthand within their sports community and infamous hooligans, but everywhere including intellectuals, company executives, and the educational community.

As a naturalized US citizen who got off the boat from Iran back in mid 80’s and prior to my temporary move to Europe in 2002, I thought that we in America were racist. Boy, what the hell was I thinking? I agree there are still some pockets of racism in our country, but it is mostly among the undereducated community,. which is quite usual for any country and culture. Read more of this post

Europeans To Revive Watergate Hotel

The 251-room Watergate Hotel where our president Nixon made himself famous, was acquired by Euro Capital Properties for $45 million from the bank that had foreclosed on it last year, according to The Washington Post.

The seller was German bank PB Capital. The bank had seized the property last year after former owner Monument Realty, which had intended to convert the hotel to condominiums, defaulted on its $40 million loan.

Euro Capital Properties intends to spend several dozen million dollars renovating and updating the hotel into an upper-upscale hotel with rates of roughly $300 per night. However, it could take up to two years before the renovation is complete and the hotel reopened. Read more of this post