The Ass Size: Washington,DC, Virginia, and Maryland VS. Alicante, Paris, and London

Literally, every chair in the cafes across the EU has a nice comfortable thin cushion to sit on. At least those in London,Paris, and Alicante where I regularly travel to.

I rarely see cushion on any chairs in our cafes in the Washington, DC area. They all come with flat hard wood or metal chairs. I have always been wondering about it till now as I’m watching everyone’s ASS in Starbucks, Dupont Circle waiting for my meeting: Read more of this post

One Reason Our Ass Is Jumbo In America Compare to The Europeans

I just took this video in Paddington station in London on my way back from Paris today. As an Iranian/American Citizen myself, I love all my fellow Americans back home – particularly those in Awesome Washington, DC where I currently work and live, but I just had to make this comment in the video. It’s for your own good 🙂 Having lived and worked in various countries including Iran, Germany, Spain, France, England, Qatar, India, and our good old US of A, trust me on this! it’s not my ass talking.  Read more of this post

Our First Lady on Fire to Fight Childhood Obesity Starting with Washington DC

by Elias Shams

Thanks to Michelle Obama’s anti-childhood-obesity campaign launched earlier this spring and the new law combating the discouraging rate of childhood obesity, children in Washington, D.C. will soon be getting healthier foods and extra minutes exercise each day at school.

The new law also follows on the U.S. National Physical Activity Plan recently unveiled, which calls for more school physical education programs, which have been cut nationwide in recent years in favor of more desk time. see more…

Thanks To iPad, Brace Yourself For Obesity 3.0

Elias Shams
I was just checking out some of the stats from the app store analytics company, Distimo which has already gathered some early result on the App Store built for the iPad. Sadly, I found out that over one third of the apps are games. Welcome to Obesity 3.0 😦 I wonder about the number of people I will be pissing off with this post 🙂 Hey, If I don’t slap you in the face with this to get the point across, who will?

Out of the 2,385 iPad-specific apps, Distimo found that the ‘Games’ category is by far the largest with 833 titles (35%): read more…