Google Will Be Selling Home Loan And Groceries Soon

by Elias Shams
This week marks the week Google will take over the world. We might as well start getting used to calling our planet GOOGLE. It ain’t earth anymore.

Referring to one of my earlier posts back in Jan 2nd about Google, I meant it when I said Google would rock our world in 2010.

We are not half way into February, Google has already announced so many new services that no one would have ever anticipated. I didn’t take the launch of  GoogleWave and GoogleBuzz surprising. It was expected soon or later.  I learned that after three years of running the  social search company, Searchles as their CEO last year. It became obvious to me Google would come up with something similar to our solution and even more robust at some point. They introduced GoogleWave and just recently GoogleBuzz that has the potential to kill Facebook and Twitter all together. Too early to make such a conclusion though.

To me, the alarming factors about Google were:

a) Their recent launch of Public DNS service
b) The recent launch of an alternative to HTTP, called SPDY
c) Their participation in  auction for  700 MHz Spectrum in 2008. Although, they eventually lost the auction to Verizon Wireless, but they introduced their fist Smartphone, Nexus one last month Read more…