[Job Opening] awesomize.me is looking for a few good men or women with Ruby on Rails experience!

awesomize.me, the Washington,  D.C. based b2b2c startup that also helps you to distinguish your quality vs. quantity online fans, friends, and followers is looking for a top notch developer who has experience working on high scalability systems. The ideal candidate will be extremely passionate about solving large scale problems. Read more the job opening here .

Here is a 2 minutes demo of what the company is all about and what’s trying to solve:

More about the company here.

Read more about the position here and apply via the contact us page link provided below the job description.

Feel free to connect with me via awesomize.me

Job Openings around Washington, D.C. – July 16, 2010

Sr. Web & Platform Design Architect – Rockville, MD

We are looking for a polished senior applications developer and architect to spearhead our internal product development efforts. This exciting and challenging position will provide Dataprise with the next generation of new tools and technologies to carry out our evolving mission. The successful candidate will lead all efforts in designing, creating, and implementing our level of proprietary client management systems as well as working with stakeholders to ensure product acceptance For consideration, candidates must at a minimum possess: 10 years developing Microsoft-based web technologies including Visual Studio, VSS, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, significant experience developing AJAX enabled web sites, fluency in XML/XHTML/HTML, JavaScript, CSS, demonstrated experience designing mission critical data driven n-tier systems including life-cycle methodologies, excellent knowledge of SQL and Microsoft SQL Server including live system deployment, significant experience in legacy Microsoft VBA technologies especially Microsoft Access development, outstanding oral and written communication skills, BS Degree in Computer Science or related discipline. The ideal candidate should also possess: deep knowledge of Microsoft platform technologies including Windows Server and IIS Administration, experience in SQL query performance tuning techniques and strategies, some experience in light graphic design including knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, MS Degree in Computer Science or related discipline. Send resumes to mwithers@dataprise.com Read more of this post

Apple and their hard on for killing Flash

by Elias Shams
As Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight duke it out over their plugin-based, HTML-alternative web platforms, Apple is developing an alternative to Adobe’s Flash, called Gianduia which it banned developers from using on its iPhone and iPad products According to Apple Insider.

From what I remember, Apple actually introduced Gianduia last summer at WOWODC (World of WebObjects Developer Conference), an independent event scheduled near the company’s own WWDC event in June. Gianduia, named after an Italian hazelnut chocolate, is “essentially is browser-side Cocoa (including CoreData) + WebObjects, written in JavaScript by non-js-haters,” according to a tweet by developer Jonathan “Wolf” Rentzsch. Read more of this post

Apple Breaks Virgin America’s Virginity

by Elias Shams
Indeed, Apple is gearing up to revolutionize the web by getting everyone to ditch Adobe Flash. Virgin America can now proudly claim Apple broke their virginity  🙂

The airline decided HTML is “good enough” for animating online content on their brand-new website, which went live Monday, dumping Flash. Given there are about 250 m websites in cyberspace with 98% of them on Flash, Apple has 245 million virgins to go after. Hope they have a big supply of Viagra.

The moment I read the News, this was the first thing came in my mind. Not sure why 🙂

The airline plans a big push into mobile space this year and wants to be sure iPhone users can access the Virgin America site and check-in process via the iPhone. The company anticipates moving their new site to HTML5, once it’s cleared standards ratification at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Read more…

Make An App For Your Mobile Phone In 10 Minutes… WHAT?

Here is another awesome self- funded DC based startup I should have covered earlier.

The company called PointAbout. I met one of their co-founders, Dan Odio over a year ago in a lounge in Chinatown. Great guy! First thing Dan did, he pulled out his iPhone and went right to the point talking about his company, PointAbout 🙂 A week later, I was invited to their office in DC to meet the rest of their crew.

If you also blog, you can totally see the similarity between their business model and the ones offered by blog hosting companies like WordPress, bloggers, and SixApart. Let me elaborate. Remember your Web 1.0 days when you wanted to set up a website? You needed to find a Web hosting company, then you needed to have the expertise to build the site, etc. If you do, I am sure you also remember the cost associated with it. Well, that was about 10 years ago. You can now do most of that with a tiny fraction of the cost in a few hours using any of the blog hosting companies like what I have done here with my blog using WordPress. PointAbout helps you to build a mobile App for your services in just less than an hour with a tiny fraction of the cost. They let you to quickly mobilize the content you’re already publishing, like RSS & XML feeds, APIs and HTML content. Their AppMakr service helps you to build native mobile applications in minutes instead of months, across multiple phone platforms like iPhone and Android without any ramp-up time and no need for proprietary programming expertise.
But wait, there’s more