Thank you Steve for all of your iStuff!

Thank you for all the jobs you created! all the lives you changed and saved!

You showed us that we can build a huge corporation, make billions and have huge profit and still be loved and beloved. You crashed the stereotype of evil corporations.

We’ll all miss you!

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How To Get Your App Stands out – Get them Awesomized First!

If you are an app maker, I am sure you have already learned that App Store is such a competitive environment. You’ve developed an iPhone, iPad, or Android application. You’ve got it up on the App Store next to  hundreds of thousands of other apps which they are also begging for attention. You built it unique, your tweeted it, you blogged about it, but not much luck with getting the word out yet. How do you make sure yours stands out?

Leverage the power of your happy users to awesomize them on to get new users! Read more of this post

We’ve Gone Crazy Over Smartphone As Speedy Gonzales over Cheese

A new report from  Gartner shows the Worldwide mobile phone sales has totaled 417 million units during the third quarter, up 35% from last year. Similar story for the smartphones – the sales grew 96% to 81 million and accounted for nearly 20% of all mobile sales during the quarter.

There should be no surprise here. Given the smartphones new design since the inception of iPhone and Android, this was expected. We are literally doing many of our computing with the smartphones these days.

Smartphone OS providers have entered a period of accelerated platform evolution, stimulated by more regular product releases, new platform entrants and new device types. Read more of this post

32% of iPad Owners Rarely care about Apps

According to a recent  study from Nielsen, 32% of iPad owners have never downloaded an app on the device — Is that because the device has everything type of iPad users need already installed, or they don’t know they can?

The study surveyed more than 5,000 owners of connected devices, 452 of whom own an iPad.

However, the overwhelming majority of those who have downloaded apps have also been willing to pay for at least one of them. Of the 63% of iPad owners who have paid for an app, 62% of them have paid for a game and 54% have paid for an e-book, followed by music (50%), shopping (45%) and news (45%) apps. A full 41% have paid for a magazine, which is quite impressive, given the relatively few number of titles that are available for the iPad, such as Wired and Esquire. Read more of this post

iPad with Pocket-sized keyboard?

Apple’s iOS4 now has the Bluetooth keyboards support – The Jorno mobile keyboard.

The keyboard features bluetooth connectivity, making it compatible with the latest Apple iOS mobile devices, among many others. Additionally, its keys are just 15% smaller than those of the standard desktop keyboard. This allows the device to maintain a comfortable typing experience, while significantly reducing space. Read more of this post

Oxford English Dictionary says Goodbye to Print

As I just watched this clip from early 90’s or late 80’s (I think),  I could not stop laughing my ass off! Read more of this post

Will the Digital Books kill the Physical Books for good?

Google recently counted what they consider to be every single book in the world, amounting to a staggering total of 129,864,880. With the new study Newsweek conducted shown below, I wonder how long it will take the iPads and Kindles of the world to completely kill the physical books for good. Not to mention there is an army of more tablets are on the way. Read more of this post

Visit The American Museum of Natural History with an App

If you are an iPhonian or iPadian and plan to visit the American Museum of Natural History, you may want to make a quick visit to Apple App store to get the app for the Museum first. They were just released for both iPhone, iPod touch,  and iPad.

The Museum has been newly outfitted with indoor Wi-Fi, and users can use the app to pinpoint their location and receive turn-by-turn directions through the 45 permanent exhibition halls, theaters, restrooms, cafes and shops. In addition, the app can be used to access customized visual and audio tours, a fossil treasure hunt, and further information about more than 140 specimens and objects on display — all of which can easily be shared to e-mail, Faceboor and Twitter. Read more of this post

All Aboard… the Highspeed HTML5 Train is Leaving

Thanks to the inception of iPad with its anti Flash slogan, the HTML5 integration in certainly on a roll . First is was Virgin, then CBS, then Youtube, and now AOL all going HTML5.  Are these the  signs that Flash might fade away in a few years?

A few weeks ago, youtube unveiled their new version of its  mobile website ( compatible with any HTML5 mobile web browser, including the iPhone’s and Android’s. Result: Playing their videos is now much faster with a much better quality. Read more of this post

NPR’s iPad App Downloaded 350,000 Times

The introduction of the iPad has undoubtedly helped the steady increase of mobile internet access. As mobile internet becomes more and more prevalent and public radio listeners shift to the Web for content, it’s no wonder NPR is committed to providing an online service as well. Their iPad App has been downloaded  350,000 times – as least according to their CEO Vivian Schiller. Given NPR traffic is around 12 million unique visitors per month, I guess such a high volume of download is expected.

Given there has been  a little bit over 2 million iPads have been sold so far, this means one in six iPad owners have downloaded the iPad app. That is pretty impressive for a NPR. Read more of this post