Washington DC Fan Misery: Get all the Washington Sport News in the Palm of your Hand

First thing first, you need to have an iPhone  🙂  Then, you need to get  Washington DC Fan Misery app on your iPhone 😉

The app has the latest on all the local teams.  Real-time news, stats, scores & more for the Redskins, Wizards, Nationals and Capitols.

Fan Misery stands apart from other sport apps because of its “Fan Misery Index” (FMI). What is the Fan Misery Index? Well, the FMI is a method created based on the relative strengths of a unique set of statistics (performance on the field) and opinions (effect of the performance on the field & factors outside the game). It’s a value of 0 and 10, where 0 indicates extreme fan bliss (sunny) and 10 is utter misery (getting stormy for Cavaliers fans). The FMI is calculated daily throughout the season & off-season. Read more of this post

An Awesome iPhone App that Maps Happiness

Since, I ran out of the subject over the weekend, let’s cover another iPhone app. Here is an interesting one called Mappiness,
The app maps happiness by pinging users with a survey in order to plot out their feelings during the day (happiness, in this case, is apparently user-defined). Read more of this post

Image Recognition App for Wine Selection

The online wine ratings and reviews sites, Snooth recently launched  their iPhone app for $4.99.

Snooth Wine Pro incorporates image-based wine searching, which allows users to scan wine labels to learn more about or purchase a particular wine of interest. In fact, there’s a whole slew of options once you’ve scanned a wine label, including the ability to:

  • See which nearby stores have the wine in stock.
  • Compare prices, and view maps and directions to nearby stores
  • Add the wine to your Wishlist or Virtual Cellar Read more of this post

Google Earth for iPhone: The more possibility of Exploring the Oceans

Google released version 3.1 of Google Earth for iOS4, an update that includes native iPhone 4 support and also the ability to explore the world’s oceans.

Thanks to the addition of  Retina Display support for the Google Earth iPhone app, the imagery on the app is Awesome. The feature makes exploring the planet an even more enjoyable experience. Read more of this post

Introducing Your best Companion App for shopping

The myShopanion app  is designed to turn your comparison shopping into a social experience.

You can search for products by barcode scan — the app integrates RedLaser’s  popular scanning technology — or name, and you can tap your social network friends to help you to make better-educated purchase decisions.

myShopanion draws on a number of third-party data providers to return detailed information on each product, including product specifications, merchant prices and consumer reviews. Read more of this post

Will you Bump, MingleStick or Scan for Business Card Information exchange?

Here is another app that helps you to exchange business card information faster during the networking events. Unlike Bump and Mingle360 that require you to either bump  your iPhones and  show off  your  sticks,  with this one, you just need to scan the business cards via a new iPhone app called WorldCard Mobile.

The new app developed by Penpower, is a business card scanning application for iPhone that uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to instantly transfer information from a business card to the user’s contacts. Read more of this post

Box.net to Offer offline Access for the Mobile users

If you have been using the cloud-based document sharing and storage provider, Box.net’s services, they recently updated their iPhone and iPad application with support for offline downloads and background processing in iOS 4.

Translation: In addition to being able to access, share and comment on content on-the-go, you’ll now be able to: Read more of this post

Five Awesome back to school Apps

1. Chegg

Chegg is a free app that does just that. It’s a textbook rental company with millions of titles to choose from, which is a real bonus considering you don’t have to brave the school book store and stand in line for hours. Read more of this post

Another App to turn your iPhone into a Computer TV Remote Control

Here is another iPhone app that change your iPhone to remote control. Teevox is an iPhone app that allows you to remotely control watching Hulu and Netflix on your computer.

Although, there are already ton of iPhone remote app out there such as PlayOn let you watch Netflix and Hulu on your phone or Apple’s own Remote that allows you to phone control movies on iTunes, but, what’s unique about Teevox is its simple interface.

The app also  integrates Twitter and Facebook which means anyone with an iPhone and an account can start using the remote immediately. You and your friends can simultaneously watch shows and send messages about them.  Read more of this post

Cosmo launches Awesome Shagging Position App

Those of you into kinky shagging, I have great News for you! Cosmopolitan Magazine just launched their sex position app for both Android and iPhone. Way to go  Cosmo ! I bet the app will be promoted in Austin Powers IV which I think to be released in 2013 – assuming we don’t have something better by then.

Basically, this is an app that shows sex positions in a cartoony way.

The app features: Read more of this post