How To Get Your App Stands out – Get them Awesomized First!

If you are an app maker, I am sure you have already learned that App Store is such a competitive environment. You’ve developed an iPhone, iPad, or Android application. You’ve got it up on the App Store next to  hundreds of thousands of other apps which they are also begging for attention. You built it unique, your tweeted it, you blogged about it, but not much luck with getting the word out yet. How do you make sure yours stands out?

Leverage the power of your happy users to awesomize them on to get new users! Read more of this post

Five Awesome Mobile Apps for Movie Lovers

1. Scene it? Series for iPhone and iPad

The Scene it? series [iTunes link] of apps for iPhone and iPad are really fantastic. The apps feature tons of high-quality movie clips, are available in a variety of different categories and — at $1.99 for iPhone and $4.99 for iPad — are pretty inexpensive. Read more of this post

5 more Awesome iPhone Apps for International Cuisines

Here are 5 more iPhone Apps on top of the previous 5 Apps for those of you into international cuisines:

1. Yum Cha Dim Sum

Those push carts with the steaming bamboo baskets are such a beautiful sight and smell. But when that cart comes by with the mile-high stack of steamers, the lids come off and it can be hard to know what exactly you’re looking at. The Yum Cha Dim Sum app is a great dim sum decoder, and even provides color photos, calorie counts and key ingredients for a variety of dim sum fare. Read more of this post

5 Awesome iPhone Apps for International Cuisines

If you are into international cuisines, here are 5 Awesome iPhone apps that comes pretty handy:

1. Mexi-Pedia

What’s the difference between a burrito and a chimichanga? The latter is a fried version of the former. The Taco Bell chihuahua actually did a good job of improving the Mexican food vernacular in pop culture, but there’s so much more to the cuisine than the fast food chain offers. The Mexi-Pedia app provides overviews of popular Mexican dishes and includes color photography as well. Read more of this post

Awesome iPhone Apps for Fashion

1. Awesome App by Individual Designer

Apps by individual designers are, by and large, roughly the same. Each generally offers runway photographs and video footage, a slideshow of the current season catalog, a news feed, some background history about the designer and a store locator. Read more of this post

Six Awesome iPhone Apps For Exploring Outdoors

The end of summer is here and the beautiful Autumn is just about to begin, I figured these apps come pretty handy.

1. Park Maps

Imagine that you drove to every notable U.S. State Park and picked up a map at the entrance. And then you carried all of those maps around with you wherever you went. This app would be the paperless version of that. No bells or whistles, just every hiking map you need for $.99. Read more of this post

6.5 Billion Apps Downloaded From The App Store

At the  Apple press event yesterday, CEO Steve Jobs announced that 6.5 billion apps has been downloaded from the App Store. This number contains both iPad and iPhone apps.

Wholly crap!  I think that’s the population on earth.

Apple hit the 1 billion download in Spring of 2009, so this has been some pretty impressive growth for number of apps downloaded. Read more of this post

Three Awesome Apps for Home Improvement

1. Task This

Keeping a project on track can be half the battle for those of us that are less than motivated to really do it ourselves. So a project management app that can send you timely reminders to get to it, might be just what you need to turn your project from in-progress to ticked off the to-do list. Read more of this post

iPhone Apps to show you how to Dance

I wish I had found out about these apps prior our blog post on  the National Dance Day over the weekend.

Not to worry though…. Given the large number of lounges, Nightclubs, and Embassy parties in DC, I recommend the Washingtonian iPhonians who love dancing, but don’t know jack about it, to get these apps set up on their iphones: Read more of this post

There is an App for Everyone including those who can’t sleep

Here are five of them I found in App Store:

1. eSleep: For those sleepers who like to mix and match the background noise they fall asleep to, eSleep is a good choice. It offers a wide variety of sounds and loops and enables up to three sounds to play simultaneously. eSleep is a good option for those who like variety and customization with their sleep sounds. This app is also available with varying levels of functionality in Lite (free) and Deluxe ($2.99) versions.

Cost: $0.99 Read more of this post