Two Awesome Videos on the Old Media and the Entrepreneurs

Terence Kawaja, the investment banker with GCA Savvian has certainly a lot of time on his hands. Check out these two funny and so true video made by him – one on death of the old media called Mad Avenue Blues to the tune of American Pie, and the second one on us, the entrepreneurs called Tech Star.

Both videos are frigging brilliant and hilarious! Great choice of song & pics, and the lyrics are very funny and so spot-on! Read more of this post

Facebook, their Troubles, and Washington

Facebook has done a lot of good for our society. It has brought people together, and created communities that previously didn’t exist. However, they have been pretty acting pretty naugthy past two years or so.

Mashable recently conducted a survey among their readers regarding their experience with Facebook and their rational for quitting it. The feedback from the users is interesting which I think it  applies to many of us including a few close friend of my own.  Not sure I will quit it anytime soon though.

31% of respondents proclaimed their intention to stick with Facebook, and approximately the same number cited access to personal information as their number-one reason for vamoosing. Read more of this post