BlackBerry Torch: Bigger but Needs More Viagra

AT&T and RIM’s  BlackBerry Torch hit the stores this week. The new device marks the first to ship with version 6 of BlackBerry’s OS which is very important launch for RIM.

Although, RIM has finally  realized, the larger the display screen, the better, but the company totally missed the  phone’s mojos – a) the processor which is only 624 MHz,  b) the low-resolution screen! It’s way too slow compare to other smartphones in the market – in particular iPhone 4.

Check out the processors and resolutions on their competitors here: Read more of this post

Mobile TV Viewing Time Longer on Larger Screens

Since, the release of Verizon’s  Droids and Sprint EVO 4G, I have been wondering why the phones have been selling so fast better than iPhone. The recent report by MobiTV explains it all. According to a report the bigger a mobile device’s screen is, the longer viewers will spend watching mobile TV services on the device. Well, DUH! Read more of this post

The National Broadband Plan: The Good The Bad and The Ugly – Part II

By now, it should be obvious to everyone that Google has been trying hard to create other revenue generating business models to help them to reduce their dependency on their sole search advertising business responsible for over 90% of their annual revenue. It is also becoming obvious (at least to me) as the company fails more and more with their new businesses like their Nexus One smartphone and Google Wave,  they are becoming more evil than ever.

Google is in talks with Verizon that would kill the Net Neutrality for good once (or if) it goes through. It is certainly time to revoke Google’s “Do No Evil”. What the hell happened to their Public Policy statement?  “Hey FCC, keep the Internet open — and awesome!Read more of this post

Smartphone Faceoff: EVO 4G vs. Droid Incredible vs. Nexus One vs. iPhone 4

As more and more smartphones pours into the market, the more confusing and challenging it is becoming for us to pick the one that meets our needs. On top of our previous comparison chart (Droid x vs. iPhone 4), we put together a new and more comprehensive one here.

Courtesy of TiPb, the chart stacks up iPhone 4 against the other top three smartphones in the market. You may also want to check out the videos I included right below the chart.

Just as a note, I have friends who owns all these phones. The information here in the chart was also confirmed by them. Read more of this post

The Good the Bad the Ugly and the Bitch

by Elias Shams
Thanks to Apple for their iPhone phenomena which has transformed the old fashion mobile phones to our mini computing devices in four years which explains why everyone is after them – from the software giant, Microsoft to the search engine giant, Google to the mobile handset vendor giant, HTC. The War is getting bad, ugly, and bitchy 🙂 see more…

Android killed iPhone in Web Traffic

Elias Shams
According to the latest data from mobile ad network AdMob, mobile Web traffic generated by users of mobile devices running Google’s Android operating system was greater than traffic from Apple iPhone users in March in the U.S., TechCrunch reported.

Android accounted for 46% of U.S. mobile Web traffic in March, compared with 39% for the iPhone — although international traffic figures show the iPhone on top with 46% to Android’s 22% of market share.

read more…

Hey Baby, Shall we Shag Now or Shag later? I have an iPhone

Elias Shams
No more need to have a $100,000 fancy car to get the chicks. We can now do it with just a $200 iPhone.

A new study of 1500 women shows:

. 54% of women more likely to date men with iPhone.

. Men who own an iPhone are more attractive than those who do not.

. Women were particularly repulsed by men who own a Palm Pre.

. 37% of those quizzed said that owning an iPhone makes a man seem more reliable, to which nearly all went on to say that a second date would be likely. read more…

Desktops Gone With The Cloud – Think Smartphone

by Elias Shams
On my way back to DC from NYC  yesterday, I read an interesting article about one of Google’s vice-president, John Herlihy and his view of desktops vs smartphones.  He is predicting the desktops will be irrelevant in three years time and the Smartphones will take over. Well, given they are not in PC business, and having aggressively exercised their push for the Android Operating System and Nexus One, no surprise there for his prediction.  Frankly, this was expected. In fact, I covered such prediction a few times on my blog. I guess we should thank Apple, Google, and RIM for the launch of their iPhone, Android, Nexus One, BlackBerry, and now iPad which has significantly contributed the path to such direction.

The rise of Cloud Computing in conjunction with widget-style applications developed for the mobile phone platform have contributed to faster adaptation of doing many tasks via our smartphones.  I also think the testosterone war between Apple and Adobe over HTML5 vs Adobe’s Flash that began since the launch of iPad last month will be a factor in such transformation. Read more…

Surgically Implanted Web Under Our Skin On The Way

by Elias Shams
JiWire who serves Ads through public Wi-Fi spots in places like airports, coffee shops and hotels recently released an interesting stat. I just finished reviewing them. The stat is about how quickly accessing Wi-Fi via our smartphones is on the rise which confirms one of my earlier posts about  the Web of the future being truly mobile and possibly surgically implanted subcutaneously under our skin 🙂

According to their recent Wi-Fi study:
. 56% of Wi-Fi connections are from mobile devices like the iPhone, the iPod touch, and Android smartphones.
. Public Wi-Fi hotspots grew in ubiquity by 21.9% in 2009,
. Half of public Wi-Fi spots are free.
. 49% of mobile Wi-Fi users make online purchases on the go.
. Amazon and eBay were unsurprisingly named two of the most popular online shopping Read more…

Google Will Be Selling Home Loan And Groceries Soon

by Elias Shams
This week marks the week Google will take over the world. We might as well start getting used to calling our planet GOOGLE. It ain’t earth anymore.

Referring to one of my earlier posts back in Jan 2nd about Google, I meant it when I said Google would rock our world in 2010.

We are not half way into February, Google has already announced so many new services that no one would have ever anticipated. I didn’t take the launch of  GoogleWave and GoogleBuzz surprising. It was expected soon or later.  I learned that after three years of running the  social search company, Searchles as their CEO last year. It became obvious to me Google would come up with something similar to our solution and even more robust at some point. They introduced GoogleWave and just recently GoogleBuzz that has the potential to kill Facebook and Twitter all together. Too early to make such a conclusion though.

To me, the alarming factors about Google were:

a) Their recent launch of Public DNS service
b) The recent launch of an alternative to HTTP, called SPDY
c) Their participation in  auction for  700 MHz Spectrum in 2008. Although, they eventually lost the auction to Verizon Wireless, but they introduced their fist Smartphone, Nexus one last month Read more…