Love and Park Nightclubs File For Bankruptcy

The two nightclubs filed Chapter 11 petitions last week to ward off their creditors and ensure the pending sale of Love, a four-story mega club, goes off without a hitch.

Frankly, I am surprised they last this long. They were both my least favorite clubs in DC. I tried both of them only once and that was my last. Although, four-story mega type of clubs sound exciting and has had a great success in other cities and States, but the model doesn’t work for Washingtonians. Most Washingtonian are two sophisticated to go clubbing in places that looks like junk yard. I would say Ibiza is next to file for chapter 11. Read more of this post

DC For Haiti – Special Event @ Lima Lounge, The Second Heaven

by Kamran Abdi
There will be a special event at Lima restaurant, one of my favorite places in DC for Haiti tomorrow January 21, 2010 from 6:00 p.m till 10:00 p.m. Please attend and help those in desperate need. Monetary donations suggested but canned food and clothing also accepted. Proceeds and donations will directly benefit the relief effort in Haiti.

Guest speakers are planned. Agencies contacted/represented at the event include:

Embassy of Haiti
Inter-American Development Bank
Organization of American States
Pan-American Health Organization
World Bank
Democracy Now
International Relief and Development
Direct Relief International

Event format will be to have various open dialogues explaining each organizations role in Haiti, what is needed now, what will be needed in the future, as well as a Q&A session on how people can become more involved.

Speaking of Lima,  I have been going there one or twice a week past three years or so. I have always had a blast in the place. Lima is a bar, restaurant, lounge, and one of the best nightclub in DC. It is a great place to eat and party. I have never really met anyone that did not enjoy Lima.

In a nutshell:

. The mango mojitos…or any of their mojitos…yum! Be sure to get a pitcher because you’ll want to keep drinking.

. Their food – specially their Cuban chicken is fantastic. Also, their shrimp ceviche experience. BELLISSIMO !

. Their laid back and the sidewalk patio on a beautiful day…you must visit for happy hour in the spring. But be sure to get there early because it gets packed.

. And of course, my favorite, the crowd. To me, Lima is another heaven on earth – to be more specific, another heaven in DC. Everyone is beautiful there – even the dudes. As always, my digital camera was on fire 🙂

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Awesome New Resort Holiday In Washington, DC – National Washington Harbor

Elias Shams
Finally, I visited our National Harbor yesterday in freezing temperature. I usually don’t visit places like this in Winter time, because of persistence from a few close non-DC friends, as a patriot DCian, I found it my duty to make the trip there so I can share my personal experience about the resort. You asked for it, here it is…. 🙂

I don’t mean to sound like a snob, if you have already traveled outside of the US (and, I mean the other side of Atlantic Ocean, not Canada nor Mexico), you might get bored with the area. You will enjoy the awesome view of the Potomac River though.. Otherwise, it a great place to visit. I might have a better experience during the summer. It is only 5 miles from where I live in DC

National Harbor is a new 300-acre waterfront destination in the Washington, DC area that opened over a year and half ago. It is set along side of the Potomac River. The area includes hotels, restaurants, retail stores, condominiums, a full-service marina, a convention center, and commercial office space. The cornerstone of the development of National Harbor is the new Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center which was beautifully decorated for the holiday. Their great atrium is adorned with holiday lights, sculptures and a great hanging Christmas tree made of glass. I was told the place is the largest non-gaming hotel and convention center on the East Coast. The resort hotel features 2,000 guestrooms, flexible meeting and banquet facilities, 6 restaurants, a nightclub, retail shopping, a full service spa and fitness center, indoor/outdoor swimming pool and outdoor event space. The area covers 41.7 acres and has spectacular views of the Potomac River and Old Town Alexandria.

Good News for families with kids, there are plans underway to build the National Children’s Museum there.
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Hey Washington Club Maniacs! BOBINA will be performing this Saturday at FUR Nightclub

Those of you not familiar who the heck he is, Bobina is #1 D.J in Russia and he will be in our town this weekend.

The bad News is he will be performing at FUR located at:
33 Patterson Street Northeast
Washington, DC 20002-3349
(202) 842-3401
Time: This Sat Dec 19th. Be there by 10:00 p.m
Buy ticket online
Here is how to get there map

Although Bobina rocks, but, here is a friendly warning about FUR:

Personally, the place is not my favorite club in DC. However, they have the best DJs coming through on Saturday nights. Depending on your taste. Otherwise, the lay out and the entire building sucks. So, if you don’t care about the place and love Bobina, go for it.

When you arrive, you are quickly shuffled into a $20 parking lot as these attendants have the market cornered. They know how to scam people by acting as though cheaper lots are full. It’s the oldest trick in the book but then again, this is DC, and we love it like this. So, I suggest take a taxi.

If you are still stupid enough to drive there, after parking, your next step is to make it in to the club after standing in an artificially extended line, simply another trick clubs like to pull to make others think the place is packed.

Once inside this multi-level crappy warehouse which I am surprised they haven’t received any lawsuit for poorly lit staircases and misplaced fixtures yet, there are a number of bars to hit that are more than willing to rape you on price. Granted, this is typical in the bar / nightclub scene .. but drinks for two people here could easily equate to about $100.

Trying to make it short, this place is anything but amazing. It’s always crowded, the drinks are expensive, and the crowd is far from the best. I heard from one of my female friend she got molested – literally: guys would walk by, grab a boob, and keep walking and she got hassled by guys. Unless you’re VIP or have something worked out with the bouncers or know someone there- don’t bother.

The sound system is horrible! While I love it loud music, I also like to hear what is being played. These people have no idea how the equalizer system works and they played it at such a high volume that I though the speakers were going to come right out of the cabinets!

So, as for just regular night clubbing, NOT worth the confusion with the lines, the pricey parking, and the wait.

If still interested in going, I strongly suggest you buy the ticket in advance here and be there by 10:00.

Have fun!

Here is one of his videos

And, here is what you missed last year in FUR 🙂

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Lima Rocks!!! my new hang out place

I found a new club in the heart of DC a few months ago called Lima, right at the corner of 14 & K Streets a few blocks away from the White house. Wow! What a place! Music, food and the set up were all awesome. The chicks were of course super gorgeous!

I’d say the ratio of chicks to dudes on a regular night at Lima is usually 2 to 1. Considering seven chicks for every man there in DC (I read it in the Washington Post a few years ago), I was surprised to see only two chicks per dude in the club, which is however still a good deal if you ask me.

By design, it is created for those well versed in food, wine, music, and style. A Hybrid restaurant, lounge and bar on three separate levels (with an outdoor patio open year round). The restaurant/night club is suited for the casual connoisseur. Someone who enjoys the finer things in life without all the pomp, pretense, and political underpinnings of Washington DC elite society. In the last few months, it has become my #1 chill spot, where I take my friends when I want to show them a good time. Here is their 3 year anniversary Party I attended:

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