What do American want the most these days?

A new report from the Pew Research center titled “The Fading Glory of the Television and the Telephone” confirms the big drop on Flat screen TV prices I blogged about a few days ago.

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Is TV About To Be Gone with the Web?

Elias Shams
If not gone,  they will have at least web connectivity in a few years.

An estimated 800,000 U.S. households ditched their cable, satellite or telco TV subscription services for online options such as Hulu, Netflix, broadcaster Websites, or Apple’s iTunes last year. The number could double to 1.6 million by the end of 2011, according to a new study by Convergence Consulting Group.

I can totally see how this number will be jacking up as more and more viewing options become available online – things like hulu or tablets. Not to mention our experience of dealing with less advertising watching movies or TV shows online compare to TV. I wonder how long that lasts. read more…