Washingtonian Women Spend More on Digital Goods than Washingtonian Men

Another interesting report was recently conducted by the market research firm VG Market and virtual currency firm PlaySpan which shows consumers are spending more on virtual goods on social networks than in online games, and North American women over 25 are spending more on virtual goods than any other demographic.

The survey of 2,221 customers between the ages of 13 and 64 across the PlaySpan Marketplace, Facebook via Spare Change, and Ultimate Game Card system found that 75% have purchased virtual goods, and 32% have made such purchases within social networks.

The median spending on digital goods on social networks is $50 per year, followed by massively multiplayer online games ($40); free-to-play games ($40); PC games with online play ($37); and console games with online play ($20). Read more of this post

Thanks To iPad, Brace Yourself For Obesity 3.0

Elias Shams
I was just checking out some of the stats from the app store analytics company, Distimo which has already gathered some early result on the App Store built for the iPad. Sadly, I found out that over one third of the apps are games. Welcome to Obesity 3.0 😦 I wonder about the number of people I will be pissing off with this post 🙂 Hey, If I don’t slap you in the face with this to get the point across, who will?

Out of the 2,385 iPad-specific apps, Distimo found that the ‘Games’ category is by far the largest with 833 titles (35%): read more…