International Women’s Day @ L2 Lounge

International Womens Day

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New Year’s Eve Party @ L2 Lounge!

NYE at L2

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Sponto To Awesomize The Events Around Washington DC

Sponto, the Washington DC based mobile party detection app that originally launched for college kids just launched their special edition Android app for DC week. The app allows regional tech community to experience DC week from anywhere in real time.

You and other participants will be able to form ad-hoc, spontaneous events simply by coming together with your phones in and around DC week events. Once detected, event participants can add their Facebook friends and post photos and descriptions to create a rich, real-time feed of everything that’s happening during DC week. Read more of this post

Sponto Gearing up to Awesomize Colleges starting with the ones around Awesome DC

Sponto is a mobile party detection app for college students built by one of the coolest DC entrepreneur, Jamey Harvey who I know since Web 1.0 era. Up until last week Sponto was only available to students at the University of Maryland where it’s been burning up the campus.

I wish they were around when I was going to college, because essentially what it does is tell you where all the free food, booze and hot babes (hot dudes like me in your case ladies ;-)) are near you!

Their app has enabled The GWU (my Alma Mater) as well as American University, Georgetown, Howard, Catholic, UDC, Catholic, Trinity, Gallaudet and the Corcoran School of Art.  If you’re a student at one of these schools you can register for Sponto now and start sharing parties and events. Read more of this post

HEIDNSEEK Saturdays at Red Maples

Next time you head to Baltimore for the weekend, you may want to check out Red Maple. Every Saturday, the local event promoter, HEIDNSEEK hosts an awesome lively Dance party there.

I used to go there during my college days, but haven’t been there since I moved to DC three years ago.

If you’re into an upbeat scene with good tapas type dishes, Red Maple is your spot.

The place is a trend setting hot spot, with deeply sexy California good looks and feel-happy music spun by cocksure DJs.

As far as the food goes, its decent. They have a lot of unique dishes and all of them are very well prepared. The atmosphere, like i said, is upbeat, even during earlier dinner they have loud music playing so if that isn’t your thing, steer clear. The late night scene is Euro-Club-esc. Big bass DJs playing trance and house own the night here. Give it a shot. Read more of this post

Sexy Russian Spy Summer Dress Contest at Fly Lounge

Those of you didn’t get to meet the Russian spy babe, Anna Chapman, and think she was the hottest thing ever, brace yourself for sun temperature heat party at FLY Lounge to meet smoking hot babes 100 times hotter than Anna 🙂 And, NO! they are not spies! Although, wishful thinking 😦

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The Sense of Pan-Asia in the Heart of Washington DC

Kamran Abdi

The long awaited Buddha Bar the Washingtonians have been waiting for finally opened  its doors last week.  The joint is located at 455 Massachusetts Ave. NW right across from the Verizon Center.

The bar/lounge/restaurant features the traditional Pan-Asian cuisine with  French influence with a full dinner menu open till 2 am.  Certainly, the place will be an addition to the Washington nightlife. Read more of this post

Pump It Up While Your Feet Are Stompin And The Jam Is Pumpin

by Kamran Abdi
Since, the birth of Web 1.0 in the late 90’s, as a classic party animal, I have signed up on ton of party sites in DC area.  I think the  one I will stick to is Red Skies. I have been on their list for past one year or so and not a single complain. Every one of their parties has been better than the previous one. The crowd, the music, the ambience, all FANTASTICO!.

If you love partying and you live in DC area or plan to visit DC, you got to be on Red Skies parties list – one of the best and hottest party organizers in town. Thanks to their promoter who looks like a mix of Leo Dicaprio and young Brad Pitt, they have done such a great job in attracting the most fun and stunning looking crowd to mingle with 🙂 I guess the young Brad is smart enough to know the power of social media and how to use it.

If you think I am exaggerating about the crowd, see it for yourself. These people are the most common people I bump into in their parties. There is absolutely no word to describe the beauty of the female community. As for men, not sure what to say. I am just glad, I am better looking than most of them – less dudes to compete with:

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The Night Belongs To IBIZA

by Kamran Abdi
It is Fridaaaaaaay and time to partaaaaaaay!!!

Heading to Ibiza this weekend – one of the best served by DJs nightclub packed with beautiful people of Washington, DC. The club is very international and HOT! My first time visit to Ibiza was pretty fun, maybe because of all the gorgeous women there which has always been my weakness. Once I spot one, I go blind. If I spot many, nothing else counts 🙂 There is never shortage of angels with their wings flying around at Ibiza.

They have another happening there tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m – BT’s Live Laptop Symphony. If interested, you need to RSVP. Here are some great pics from our last party there. Sorry for a few missing heads. I was too drunk to keep the camera straight 🙂

Let me start my review with their ground zero video.  Blast the volume first:

The Place rocks! Not as good as my favorite one, Lima, but it is great. Read more…

Hey Washingtonians! Those of you into Italians, you got to come to Lima this weekend!

First ever benefit Aperitivo Italiano/Italian Happy Hour this Saturday December 12 at Lima Lounge!!!

This time, come celebrate Italian style! Meet the sexy Italian babes and dudes over a martini – Italian Style:

There will be open bar and Italian music from 8-10PM. The event is hosted by the Italians in Washington, DC, the Italian Language meetup group, Troika Party, and EMERGENCY USA

The best part is that you can party and feel good about yourself at the same time since it is a happy hour to benefit a good cause! With this happy hour, Italians in DC is launching its support to NGOs working to improve people’s lives. The first NGO that has been chosen is EMERGENCY USA, a neutral non-profit org working to provide free high-standard health care to civilian victims of war and landmines and to cultivate peace and solidarity around the world. To support their Maternity Center in Afghanistan there is a suggested $10 donation at the door.

Date: Saturday, December 12, 2009
Time: 8PM-10PM
Location: Lima Lounge
1401 K Street, NW
Washington, DC

Here is the inside look of Lima:


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