W Hotel Invasion by awesomize.me members Last Night

I headed to W Rooftop Hotel last night to hang out with a few friends. As I always, I ordered my red wine and started cruising aroun to check out the place and the people.

The place is just Awesome! What’s even more awesome is the view. From the 11th-floor balcony at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, you can see  Washington is spread out right in front of you. You will also be able to see all the monuments – the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, the White House’s East Wing which is only a block away, and more.  You can also watch planes taking off from Reagan National Airport or see the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery and Old Town Alexandria. It’s just beautiful! Read more of this post

More Bike Lanes in Washington, D.C.

The latest addition to a network of bike lanes was officially opened yesterday on Pennsylvania Avenue. The new bike lanes are part of a pilot program on streets selected because they are judged to have the capacity to accommodate bikes and motor vehicles.

The bike lanes run east and west down the center of Pennsylvania Avenue from Third Street to 15th Street NW. They were installed in the median to limit conflicts with buses, right-turning vehicles, parked vehicles and entrances on the right-hand side of the roadway. Read more of this post

Another Victory for Washingtonian Bicyclists

More vital lanes on our nation’s most prestigious avenues were snatched away from motorists and are being given to a handful of daily bikers in another grand traffic experiment.

The change is occurring on Pennsylvania  Avenue in Washington, D.C., the central thoroughfare that connects the Capitol to the White House. This time, the bike lanes were put directly in the middle of the street, not even closest to the curb. They “have created an alphabet soup of white letters and symbols on black asphalt,” according to an account by News Channel 8 in the nation’s capital.

More than 2% of Washington residents are believed to bike to work, about twice the national average, the Voice of America says. And for that 2%, lanes were taken away from cars.

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