The First Declaration of Human Rights By Cyrus The Great Persian King On Exhibit In Awesome Washington, D.C.

Cyrus Cylinder

As a Persian/American entrepreneur who lived, found, and  worked for various hot and successful DC tech startups like Yurie Systems (acquired by Lucent for $1.23 B), (the top 5 B2B in the world), and as the founder of, I’m proud to let you know the world’s first human rights declaration, is on display for the first time in the United States. Starting with our awesome DC through April 28 at the Smithsonian’s Sackler Gallery, then  in Houston, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Read more of this post

From Alexander the Greek all the way to Roland the CNN

by Elias Shams
Jon Stewart must be on overload lately with all the prime political stupidity roaming around en-masse. Our vote for the best of The Daily show goes to his show on Thursday night when he covered the world from Alexander the Great, the Greek to Roland Martin, the CNN. It was HILARIOUS like always!

Stewart had his hands full during his opening segment. Moronic “wannabombers,” Greece’s economic downfall, George Reker’s rentboy romp, and BP’s attempt to cap the oil spill were all covered and mocked mercilessly – and hilariously.

Speaking of Greece, I really feel sorry for the Greek people. They are in desperate need for another King Leonidas.

Perhaps, Leonidas should have just let the Persian Kings, Xerxes to take over the Greece 🙂 This way, their nation would have been part of the Persian Empire today leaving off the oil money from the Persian Gulf and there would have been no East vs West thing today 🙂 We would be all one 🙂 see more…