When There Is a Rock Creek Park in DC, Why Bother Heading to Virginia or Maryland?

Since, my return back to DC from Europe last month, I finally found some time to grab my digi and headed to our beautiful Rock Creek Park.  Honestly, can you find anything more beautiful than this at any of the parks in MD or VA? Read more of this post

Finnish Embassy and their Love for Green

by Elias Shams
On my way back from the annual Greek Food Festival in Massachusetts Avenue noticed the  Finnish Embassy off  the Rock Creek Parkway with a big banner about  them gone green :

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The Awesome Views Of DC You Haven’t Seen

by Elias Shams
Washington, DC is much more than just Washington Mall, monuments, the Congress, and the White House. Here are the gorgeous photos of our Nation’s Capital around Dupont Circle and Connecticut Avenue I took today after the historic second snowstorm that shutdown the East Coast. Enjoy them:

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That’s what I Call The Orgasm Of The Century

It was indeed an awesome snowstorm in DC!!! Watching it through my living room window as doing my Elias style Kabob thing in my fireplace next to the window, certainly gave me the orgasm of the century! DC is left with two and half feet of snow 🙂

Shorty after enjoying the Kabob, I decided to grab my Olympus again and do my usual Sunday afternoon thing – heading to Barnes & Nobles in Georgetown to read my Forbes, Wired, Business Week, Hello, and People to get the latest about my babe, Angelina who might be available soon.

Here are photos of the gorgeous DC I took earlier today – walking from Dupont Circle to Georgetown and back. Starting with the Dupont Circle Area:

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Washington DC Is Blanketed With Our First Snow Of 2010

by Elias Shams
Once in a while, DC gets a big snow storm. Surely, the one started yesterday is a record. And, it is still snowing. Translation: all the clubs are closed. So, what to do?

Around 1:00 am, I decided to grab my Olympus and head out to take pictures of the beautiful sceneries around Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan. Enjoy the venture with me.

First thing first, I needed my Kebob before heading out. My Middle Eastern instinct became very handy – Classic Elias’ style chicken Kebob in the  fireplace:

It was just gorgeous around the house:
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Washington DC Is Blanketed With Our First Snow Of The Year

The snowstorm that started on Friday night finally left us 😦 But, she left us with spectacular view of the town 🙂 Everyone is out enjoying themselves – particularly kids. I wonder their schools will be closed tomorrow.

Indeed, it was the largest recorded snowstorms in D.C. since mid 90’s when everything was shut down for 4 days. I think we got a little bit over two feet this time. Accumulating snow ended around 2 a.m this morning. Looking through my apartment window, it looks like we’re now in the icebox with lows mainly in the lower 20s. Still a little bit windy which is causing blowing and drifting of snow.

I do realize two feet of snow is nothing compare to Bufallo, NY or other part of our nation, or compare to other countries in Northern Europe or Russia that closes down the entire city for days. What is the point of having tons of snow and your town gets completely dysfunctional? Unlike other cities, DC continued to stay partially functional which means you can still come out to go to your local walking distance coffee shops, bars, bookstores, etc.

And, that’s exactly what I did Saturday morning. I packed up my laptops, my Android, phone, and my digital camera headed towards my favorite coffee shop in Dupont Circle. Thanks to our Mayor, Adrian Fenty making sure the major streets in DC stayed clean and open.

Here are a couple random pictures I took around Georgetown and Dupont Circle:

And, here is a 360 degree view of Dupont Circle from my rooftop:

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Hi, My Name is Elias, I am a Dupont Circleholic!

by Elias Shams
And, NO! I am not gay 🙂

Considering my first boy was born in Dupont Circle area, how could I be so stupid not to start my blog with covering this great area, one of my favorite places in the Washington, D.C?

Those of you not familiar with the D.C, Dupont Circle is known for its gay & lesbian community. Well, correction – it used to be known as the main hub for gays & lesbians till 2002 or 2003. Something changed. After four years of goofing around in Europe, ever since, I moved back to D.C in summer of 2006, It looks like most of the gay and lesbian community have moved to the U street – a few blocks further to the East. Even one of their old hangout clubs, the Circle is now a hang out club for straights. It is called Cazuza. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I got nothing against them. In fact, I have four gay friends – one from Madrid, one from D.C, and two from Tehran. Did you hear that Mr. Ahmadinejad? Gays from Tehran. Yes, there are tons of them in Iran and other part of the world.

Anyway, enough of gay, lesbian, and straight stuff. Back to the Dupont Circle:

Dupont Circle is also known for its funky shops and trendy restaurants and bars. This neighborhood is the heart of Washington, D.C’s nightlife. The area is one of the hippest neighborhoods in town. I’d say over 80% of Dupont Circle is a cosmopolitan neighborhood with some of historic homes and foreign embassies as well as a variety of ethnic restaurants, bookstores, and other private art galleries. Its cosmopolitan air draws visitors both young and old. You can easily notice seven girls for a guy in the area which is right along the poll the Washington Post conducted a few years ago. Great news for the us. 🙂

It used to be a neighborhood of old money. Dupont Circle today is home to artists, intellectuals, young professionals, many recent college graduates, and me. There are many high-rise apartment buildings and many rowhouses have been converted into apartments. The Circle itself is a gathering place with park benches, grass and a unique fountain in the center. The neighborhood, today is the house of art museums, restaurants, embassies and fun shops. Dupont Circle is also home to the Phillips Collection, one of the city’s foremost art museums with paintings by Renoir, Degas and Cezanne. In fact, it was the first museums I took my first date back in 1989 when I was still going to school. I just wanted to pretend I was cultured. Not that I am not. You know, it was one of those classic stupid guy thing. I just wish I had done my homework about the museum prior the date, cuz she ended up being my first and last date once she found out I didn’t know jack about Renoir, Degas and Cezanne.

Here are two great clips of Dupont Circle I found on Youtube. No, I am not in any of the videos:

We were also mentioned in The American President movie Michael Douglas played as the U.S. President:-) not in a positive tone though 😦

Check out a picture gallery of Dupont Circle and the surrounding area.

The area is located North of Downtown, East of Rock Creek Park, South of Adams Morgan and Kalorama, and West of Logan Circle. Map of Dupont Circle .

Public Transportation is very easy, but parking might be bitch – especially over the weekend.
Metro station: Dupont Circle

Nightlife in Dupont Circle is great. This neighborhood is one of the most popular destinations in the city for nightlife. See a guide to Dupont Circle Bars and Nightclubs.
Major Attractions Near Dupont Circle:

The Textile Museum
National Geographic Museum at Explorers Hall
Woman’s National Democratic Club Museum
Embassy Row
Woodrow Wilson House
The Phillips Collection
National Museum of American Jewish Military History
The Brewmaster’s Castle
Charles Sumner School Museum and Archives
The Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle

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