Shake Shack Opening up in Washington, D.C.

As the crappiest Burger joint, fuddruckers closes down, another one blooms. Not that we had  shortage of Burger in Washington, D.C., Shake Shack is  just about to open  right south of Dupont Circle where Fuddruckers used to be. 

Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group announced the opening of the Shake Shack in Washington, DC today. Read more of this post

The Perfect Orgasm In Our New Fifty First State

by Elias Shams
I don’t usually eat red meat unless I am really hungry. Last night was one of those moments – had a major craving for burger and decided to walk around my area to grab a bite. I discovered a new joint less than a block south of Dupont Circle called Rogue States opened last week. Their burger is Awesome! After having their Curried Away burger, I am seriously re-evaluating my diet. Every single bite was a taste of heaven. I literally got an orgasm as I was finishing my burger. Good thing the place is new, it was Monday night, and wasn’t really crowded. So, not many people heard me.

Given the love President Obama has for burger, I think this place will be his new hang out. Not to mention, it is only several blocks away from his house. Read more…