[Job Opening] awesomize.me is looking for a few good men or women with Ruby on Rails experience!

awesomize.me, the Washington,  D.C. based b2b2c startup that also helps you to distinguish your quality vs. quantity online fans, friends, and followers is looking for a top notch developer who has experience working on high scalability systems. The ideal candidate will be extremely passionate about solving large scale problems. Read more the job opening here .

Here is a 2 minutes demo of what the company is all about and what’s trying to solve:

More about the company here.

Read more about the position here and apply via the contact us page link provided below the job description.

Feel free to connect with me via awesomize.me

The Clash of Social Media Titans: The Ultimate Winner Is You And Your Business!

As many of you know, and many including myself had been predicting, there’s now a rapidly brewing battle going on between the social media titans. According to the WSJ, Google has tweaked their search to favor those more active on their Google+ pages than other social networking site – Facebook, Twitter Call Out Google On Social Search Results.

Needless to say, the change has obviously pissed off the engineers working for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. While many of the heavyweights and their users are having to work real hard, the ultimate winner is you, the awesome users – especially those of you actively using the Q&A feature on awesomize.me – most of your pages on awesomize.me are now popping up ahead of your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages when searched for on Google.  Just Google yourself and check it out. The main reasons for this are, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Read more of this post

Branding: Search VS. Social? How About Search AND Social?

With the rapid emergence and adoption of social media as a marketing tool, today’s marketers have been spending a significant amount of their time leveraging social media channels with customer interaction, collaboration, and idea generation being the main incentives for them to jump on such the social media bandwagon.

Despite all that, search engines are still the king when it comes to online marketing for the following reasons: Read more of this post

Why Your Business Can’t Afford Ignoring Google+ and awesomize.me

I have been on Google+ since their launch earlier this year. Although, I love it more than facebook, but I rarely see any of my facebook friends using it. I would say out of 460 of my facebook friends, only five of them including myself using Google+.

Well, their recent TV commercial during Lions vs. Packers football game on Thanksgiving day poised to attract my remaining 455 friends so as other remaining 750 m people  on facebook. Read more of this post

How To Make Money Off of Youtube Via Your awesomize.me Profile Pages

In case you still trying to figure out what to do with all those videos you’ve uploaded on youtube, the company has a feature that allows you to make money off of advertising revenue run on your videos on their site – as long as you own the videos and not copied from someone else. Here is what you need to do on youtube/Google to make extra couple thousands a month and how to leverage your awesomize.me pages to double that:

 1) Come up with a catchy title for your Videos:

Once your videos start getting some traction, YouTube will send you an email with this subject line: “Apply for revenue sharing for your video“. Make sure to upload videos on regular basis  and keep on distributing them to social media channels you are members of (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn,etc.) Read more of this post

Real-time Twitter Feed Gone Live On Your awesomize.me Pages

To provide you with more intel, engagement, and online conversation about people, companies and their solution offering, awesomize.me just added the real-time twitter feed to every page on the site.

If you don’t see yours, its’ because either:

a)      You don’t have twitter account, or…

b)      If you do, you forgot to add your twitter URL to your social media presence section of your awesomize.me page. You can add it by editing your profile or business page on the site. Read more of this post

How To Increase Your Score On awesomize.me?

It’s all about content, content, and content on your pages. Not any content! They have to be valuable enough that provides other users enough incentive to awesomize you, your company, products, and services.

The scores on your awesomize.me pages will also help you with your SEO effort. The more content and videos you add to your personal, company, and solution pages, the more they will be found by major search engines indexing them including google, Yahoo, etc.: Read more of this post