We’ve Gone Crazy Over Smartphone As Speedy Gonzales over Cheese

A new report from  Gartner shows the Worldwide mobile phone sales has totaled 417 million units during the third quarter, up 35% from last year. Similar story for the smartphones – the sales grew 96% to 81 million and accounted for nearly 20% of all mobile sales during the quarter.

There should be no surprise here. Given the smartphones new design since the inception of iPhone and Android, this was expected. We are literally doing many of our computing with the smartphones these days.

Smartphone OS providers have entered a period of accelerated platform evolution, stimulated by more regular product releases, new platform entrants and new device types. Read more of this post

Infographic on iPhone Popularity vs. others

BillShrink has created an awesome looking infographic that puts many facts about the iPhone into perspective. Although, it looks like Apple’s overall share in the mobile phone market is still very low compared to giants such as Nokia and Samsung, but what counts is net profit.

Apple is squeezing more profit from its 2% than Nokia from its 40%. So no, Apple is not concerned at all. I don’t think Apple is concerned about its 2% overall market share. They’ve chosen a niche – and the most profitable one at that – and absolutely nailed it. Read more of this post

A Facebook Phone? Why not? Makes sense to me

I assume most of you have already heard the rumor about the Facebook phone and their push into the mobile space over the past few weeks. Although, they have been working hard to play down on the News, but that’s what both Google and Apple told us when they were secretly working on their phones. Mobile phones are the epitome of what connects people today and have tremendous significance for modern day social networking which I am sure Facebook is fully aware of that. That’s why I have no doubt they are indeed working on the smartphone secretly. Read more of this post

Anyone interested in Dual-Mode Cellular/Satellite Smartphone?

Talk to AT&T Mobility who is finally offering TerreStar Network’s dual-mode cellular/satellite Genus smart phone to enterprise, government and small-business customers. Or it could be the answer for those always complaining about AT&T Mobility’s coverage. Read more of this post

iPhone on Verizon or Sprint?

As we are getting closer to the end of exclusivity between At&t and iPhone, Apple has been busy customizing its iPhone to work on networks  run by other carriers. The company is gearing up to sell their smartphone either via Verizon or Sprint by early next year.

From various sources including a very good friend of mine who works at Qualcomm, it looks like Apple has ordered millions of CDMA chipsets from Qualcomm. CDMA is the wireless technology used by both Verizon Wireless and Sprint. This means we are going to see either Sprint or Verizon on iPhone sometimes next year – Jan or Feb 2011. The two carriers are the main players in CDMA space. Read more of this post

The National Broadband Plan: The Good The Bad and The Ugly – Part II

By now, it should be obvious to everyone that Google has been trying hard to create other revenue generating business models to help them to reduce their dependency on their sole search advertising business responsible for over 90% of their annual revenue. It is also becoming obvious (at least to me) as the company fails more and more with their new businesses like their Nexus One smartphone and Google Wave,  they are becoming more evil than ever.

Google is in talks with Verizon that would kill the Net Neutrality for good once (or if) it goes through. It is certainly time to revoke Google’s “Do No Evil”. What the hell happened to their Public Policy statement?  “Hey FCC, keep the Internet open — and awesome!Read more of this post

Our Smartphone as our Credit Card?

Finally, our carriers have decided to join the 21st century to get on with the over due project that has been going on in the Europe and many of the Asian countries for the past three years. According to Bloomberg AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile are all working on a smart-phone payment system using Near Field Communications (NFC) that would displace credit and debit cards. Read more of this post

BlackBerry Wants You!

Better organization of pictures

From Blackberry blog post, it looks like the company is coming after us, the consumer market with their new multimedia features.  They are  going to change with BlackBerry 6 that includes:

–         A new improved camera UI,

–         Better picture handling and organization,

–         Improved YouTube integration which allows for streaming, sharing and uploading of videos,

–         Built in Podcast app,

–         And, better ways to handle and organize your music and videos.

Media capabilities always felt like a back burner issue on BlackBerry and it’s nice to see that Research In Motion has brought it forward with BlackBerry 6. Read more of this post

Google Voice Got Faster

Google just launched an update for their native Andorid and BlackBerry apps that eliminates one extra step. Result: A much faster phone call connection.

Those of you have been using Google Voice on a regular basis, you may have experienced  a lag  especially when trying to make a call. Google is getting rid of that lag.

The lag was due to Google Voice making a small data request to Google’s servers whenever you initiated a call. That would return the number the application was supposed to dial. That works well enough when you have a decent 3G or EDGE connection, but it can also lead to annoying timeouts and pauses when you don’t. The new version of the Voice applications fixes this by assigning a unique phone number called “direct access numbers” to your contacts.  Instead of making data requests from Google’s servers, Google Voice’s Android and BlackBerry apps assign such a number to every person that you call. This removes the extra step of making data requests. In other words, your outbound calls should be faster now. Read more of this post