[Job Opening] awesomize.me is looking for a few good men or women with Ruby on Rails experience!

awesomize.me, the Washington,  D.C. based b2b2c startup that also helps you to distinguish your quality vs. quantity online fans, friends, and followers is looking for a top notch developer who has experience working on high scalability systems. The ideal candidate will be extremely passionate about solving large scale problems. Read more the job opening here .

Here is a 2 minutes demo of what the company is all about and what’s trying to solve:

More about the company here.

Read more about the position here and apply via the contact us page link provided below the job description.

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One Obvious Advantage of Having Your Brand Listed on awesomize.me

By now every marketer has realized the role of social media as one of the most important outlets of establishing a brand. Most of us have both personal and business pages on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, awesomize.me, and Pinterest, the latest one. Although, they are all  great marketing channels, but I think excluding the Washington DC based startup,  awesomize.me, the rest are just very passive.

Take a look at these two company pages on awesomize.me below as an example – ita Collection based in NYC maker of luxury handbags and Black & Orange Burgers based in Washington, DC maker of  burger obviously.

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80 Social Media And Content Marketing Predictions: 12 Scream of awesomize.me Business Model

Content marketing institute  just released a list of  interesting predictions by 80 different  social & digital media gurus with the focus on  the relationship between brand and content, the evolution of blogging, the future of Google’s influence, content marketing and distribution. Read more of this post

Ready to Make Video Calls From Your Facebook?

Starting today, you can now make a video call from your Facebook without having to open up your browser and log in to the social-networking site.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3… connect your Facebook account to Skype, then pick a Facebook friend, and hit the Skype video call button. DONE! I know… what’s the big deal here? Nothing! but for sure it’s much more convenient to make a video call.  Read more of this post

[Video] awesomize.me video is finally out! Distinguish Your Quality fans and followers

Let us know if the message is finally clear.

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The Hot New Social Media Chick

I spent my Friday night making  social media Pee Pee Analogy,  and spent my Saturday night drinking Bodegas Atteca lady red making this:

For better resolution of the image, click here.

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Ask Not How Your Fans and Followers Can Awesomize You…Ask How You Can Awesomize Them!

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve learned that we can have the most incredible ideas, but if we fail to come up with the right messaging our startup could end up nowhere. Typically, a startup hires a marketing communications person or even a PR agency to help them with that task. But, what would you do if you don’t have the funding to afford one? Well, do what I recently did: Put your heads together with other successful entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences – and surround your self with smart, creative people – if they are beautiful, that’s even double jackpot! Read more of this post

Only If Social media Existed 42 Years Ago When Buzz Aldrin Peed on the Moon

Buzz Aldrin, the American space hero was the first man to pee on the Moon exactly 42 years ago today. Yeap. Buzz  stood there, took it out in front of gazillions of people glued to the TV and did what every man would do when the bladder is full.

Can you imagine if we had all these social media channels 42 years ago? 🙂

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The Social Media Jungle Pee Pee Analogy

I finally had a chance to check out the new social networking site,  Google+, and to find out how they are different from other social media channels. After  spending two days of goofing off  and circling with other people on the site, I have the answer. The differences are simple! It’s all about our PEE PEE 🙂

I hope this will help you on your next social media strategy 🙂

As I always, I value your input and look forward to hearing back from you.

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Google and Justin Timberlake Joining the Social Networking War

Translation:  awesomize.me is needed on that wall more than ever now!

In case you missed the News, myspace is about to be brought back to life from dead by Justin Timberlake and Google is about to launch their social networking site,  Google+. They plan to compete head to head with Facebook.  What does this mean to you and your company?  In addition on killing your time on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn today, whether you like it or not, you and your business will soon end up spending time on the two new social networking sites too.

The more social networking sites popping out, the more you and your company will need the portal, awesomize.me to manage all your social media channels. The platform to help you to distinguish your quality vs. quantity friends, fans, and followers.

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