2014 Most Awesome Washingtonian Companies! Products! Services! and People! on awesomize.me

Here is the list of the most awesomes in Washington, DC area:
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awesome companies

Curious how they made it to the top on awesomize.me? Their pages were awesomized (rated) by their trusted peers including online fans, friends, clients on both social and professional levels explained here in this video:

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Bing and Facebook to make Traditional Search more Social

Microsoft and Facebook announced a new partnership to accomplish what I tried to do with my company, Searchles (Search + Circles reference to circle of friends) I was heading from 2006 – 2008 – Building social search that  brings “Like” data and profile search to Bing.

It’s common sense! People will more likely to use Bing if they know their search results will b more relevant because their peer network will be included. Filtering the signal from the noise. Read more of this post

Bakodo: Scanning Product Barcodes Goes Social

Here is another interesting iPhone App you may want to check it out. I am not quite sure how it is different from Google Goggles. Hope you can tell me by your comments below the post.

The app is Bakodo that scans the product barcodes, then you can rate it,  read its review from the community before you make the final purchase.

The app can scan most types of barcodes — including traditional barcodes and QR codes — and acts like a barcode search engine. It integrates with Amazon, Google, Best Buy and eBay product search engines so that each scan provides access to extensive product data on more than 12 million items. The app also shows relevant GoodGuide ratings, ShopWiki info and attached Stickbits for scans. Read more of this post

CouplesSpark Makes Relationship Counseling Social

by Elias Shams
Last week, I handpicked and covered five out of eleven DC startups presented at the Social Matchbox event. Not that the other six weren’t any good. It’s just that I am more familiar with the space the five selected startups are going after. I think most of them have a clever and promising products, but tough competition.

Based on the feedback I received from a few local VCs about the new rising stars, as a loyal and passionate Washingtonian and serial entrepreneur, I’d like to give a little bit more educational coverage to each one of them starting with CouplesSpark which I  had the pleasure of meeting its founder, Kunmi Ayanbule over coffee at Cosi in Dupont Circle early this week. see more…

You asked for it And you Got it! Google and Facebook own Your Ass

As a former geek, here is the mathematical formula I came up with for a creepy phenomenon we are facing from 2010 onward:

Integral of [People + (Social + Digital) Media] from 2000 to 2009 = We Are Owned By Google + Facebook 2010+

Allow me to elaborate – Past ten years, we demanded digital, we got it…. we demanded social, we got it. It is payback time to the people who provided us with what we demanded.

Beginning January 1st, 2010, our ass belongs to Google and Facebook. Did we ask for that? too late. It is done already. This is what happens when social and digital media join forces and we get dragged into it. We are now so exposed, left butt naked in the cyber space at the mercy of Google, Facebook, and I think Twitter.
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