Let the War finally begin: LTE vs. WiMAX

Both AT&T and Verizon are moving forward with their 4G/LTE networks in 30 US cities, with one launching by the end of the year and the other going commercial by mid-2011. And, with the approval of the first LTE phone by the FCC, the door is opening for flood of new LTE devices. Read more of this post

Mobile TV Viewing Time Longer on Larger Screens

Since, the release of Verizon’s  Droids and Sprint EVO 4G, I have been wondering why the phones have been selling so fast better than iPhone. The recent report by MobiTV explains it all. According to a report the bigger a mobile device’s screen is, the longer viewers will spend watching mobile TV services on the device. Well, DUH! Read more of this post

Say Hello to my 2nd little friend – Epic 4G smartphone

Said Sprint Nextel as the company released launch details for their version of Samsung’s Galaxy S smart phone – also their second 4G WiMAX-enabled smartphone, Epic 4G. Read more of this post

Best Buy to offer Mobile Broadband Internet Service around Washington, D.C.

Best Buy has gone after the mobile, the app space, devices and music, and now 4G wireless broadband services.

The company has agreed to resell Clearwire’s 4G WiMAX wireless broadband service. The retailer will offer Clearwire’s 4G network services through its Best Buy Connect LLC subsidiary starting in 2011 in dozens of cities. Read more of this post

Top 10 Paid Executives in the U.S.

The most interesting one is  Clearwire CEO, Bill Morrow.  I have been covering them since the launch of Awesome DC.  Given the company is losing money, burning about $500 m annually,  far from being profitable,  their mommy, Sprint just announced they are considering LTE as their future strategy; which in a way, it’s the sign of slowly saying goodbye to all the $$$ billion they already invested in WiMAXBill is number 6 in the list!

Either I am clueless in this business or someone is on crack at  Clearwire 🙂 Which one is it?

No. 1 Randall Stephenson, AT&T CEO

Salary: $1.45 million

Other Compensation: $27.8 million

Total Compensation: $29.3 million

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Sprint Nextel Clearwire Unveil More WiMAX Market Expansion

Either somebody at Sprint Nextel/Clearwire is on crack or all the recent negative reports about the WiMAX are baseless. Sprint Nextel and partner Clearwire continued their full-court WiMAX press yesterday announcing a trio of new markets where service is available as well as a new device set to launch later this year. If most of the reports indicates the decline in growth for WiMAX, why would companies like Sprint Nextel and Clearwire continue investing billions $$$ in it?

Both companies are now offering WiMAX service in Salt Lake City; St. Louis; and Richmond, Va., pushing their total market coverage to around 40 markets. The Sprint Nextel offering is marketed under its “4G” brand, while the Clearwire service is marketed under its “Clear” brand. Read more of this post

Telecom Sector Shedding Jobs Big time

Crap! The sector that I put my soul into it from 1986 till early 2000, telecom sector is shedding jobs. Thank God I switched focus from telecom to Internet and social media once I left Yurie and started my first Internet company, Telezoo.  My heart still belongs to telecom though.  I’ve been doing my best to keep myself up-to-date with the latest innovation in the space 🙂

The telecommunications sector had 4,600 fewer jobs in May than in April, employing 929,500 positions in May. However, the year-over-year employment figures show a loss of 47,800 jobs since May 2009 – a nearly 4.9% increase, according to new U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Drilling down a little further, it appears that most of those job losses occurred in the wireline segment. From April 2009 to April 2010, 60,000 jobs were lost in the wireline category. (Those statistics lag a month behind the overall category segment so April statistics are the most recent available. Also, the figures are not seasonally adjusted.) In the wireless subsector, 200 jobs were lost from April 2009 to April 2010. The wireless sector accounted for 194,200 jobs in April 2010. Read more of this post

Satisfaction Hits High For Wireless Customers

by Elias Shams
Here is a report for those of you looking for a new wireless provider.

Wireless customers are increasingly satisfied with the service they are receiving from nationwide operators, according to a first quarter 2010 survey conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Read more of this post

What Happens In Vegas, Certainly Will Not Stay In Vegas This Time

by Elias Shams

I decided to take a break from Awesome Washington DC last week. So, I headed to Vegas for the CTIA event.

Ton of  awesome wireless gadgets and technologies were unveiled during the event.  Those of you couldn’t make  the trip, here are some of the highlights that made the most buzz.

As a classic geek, first thing first – looked for the booths with the best looking babes. They were all fantastic looking, one hotter than the other one 🙂 The angels were all over the place.  Surprisingly, there were more brunettes than blondes this year  which I like 🙂

As for the wireless phones, starting with Sprint and their glorious  4G WiMAX initiative:

More WiMAX markets

Sprint Nextel and Clearwire that currently offer WiMAX services in more than 20 markets covering more than 30 million pops, unveiled additional market for offering its “4G” service to cover 120 million potential customers by year-end. read more…