Washington, DC Poised To Become More Awesome for Businesses Starting With LivingSocial

Earlier this week, the DC Council implemented another Business incentive that was recommended to DC mayor by the local entrepreneurs including myself. The Council unanimously passed  the Social E-Commerce Job Creation Tax Incentive Act of 2012 bill that provides LivingSocial, the social daily deals company with future tax breaks that could total $32.5 million over a 10-year period.  Read more of this post

First Crowdfunding Conference on May 14th in Awesome Washington DC

The Crowdfunding bill that was signed by President Obama last month will have its first conference next week in Awesome DC!

If you are still not sure what the bill is all about and what it means to your business, the bill classifies startups as “emerging growth companies” that can turn to online investors to raise startup capital. Those companies would also be able to sell up to $50 million in shares before having to register with the Securities and Exchange Commission and have up to 1,000 shareholders which is double the current limitation. Read more of this post

Thank You President Obama! Thank You!

The most well made with ZERO hype video in Politics ever made! Because of him, another American entrepreneur, that would be me :),  is alive today and covered with his pre-existing condition, working hard to start a new company and to create jobs. So, thank you Mr. President for your work!  FANTASTICO!

As I have worked hard to get the world to awesomize you, I’ll do my best to get America to awesomize you in Nov 2012. Considering the candidates you will be up against, It doesn’t look like you’ll be needing my help anyway 🙂 So please, don’t waste a dime on presidential campaign! Invest that on Startups in the Nation starting with mine, awesomize.me  only a few blocks from your house 🙂

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Awesome Jonathon Perrelli: Fools Are A Necessary Part Of The Economy

Here is an awesome inspirational message by Jonathon Perrelli with Fortify.vc to those who are as fool as me, currently struggling to find employment, and have at least 10% entrepreneurial DNA. Given our current economy and unemployment rate, I don’t think I need to remind you that most of the existing successful companies including Google, Microsoft, and GE launched their ventures during the poor economy. So, his message below is SIMPLEMENTE PERFCTO!

Message to Fools:
“If you have a day job, and you love it, shout hooray! If you woke up and realized that you are being pimped by an evil corporation and not being treated fairly, or you are bored out of your mind, or too smart to be locked down, get up and grab your red stapler and walk the F out the door. Fools are a necessary part of the economy and I too have been a fool more than once in my career, so I too “get” that it is quite difficult to leave the day job, etc. So either explore your business as a hobby (but not for too long) or live vicariously through your Founder and Farmer friends. Turn your dream into an innovative product or service. Be bold, but be careful. Know your personal financial situation and speak with others who have made the jump from Fool to Founder, prior to grabbing your stapler”  Jonathon Perrelli with Fortify.vc.   Read more of this post

College2Startup: Need To Connect with The Awesome Startups Or Talents?

Those of you recent collage grads, techies, and the startups around Awesome DC, here is a new site you may want to check it out – College2Startup,  another  new site for startups looking to find quality collegiate or postgraduate talent and vice versa.

Although, there are already several site like Startuply.com, Startuphire.com and Ventureloop.com out there doing the same thing, but College2Startup allows you to subscribe to their daily newsletter to receive job opportunities. When you receive the newsletter, you can scroll through the list of job openings to find the opportunity that best suits you, then click to apply. Read more of this post

The Magnificent 10 Speeds up the Path to Innovation in Awesome Washington, D.C

FounderCorps that launched earlier this year and currently run by the magnificent 10 including one of my former Board member, Mark Walsh just launched their awesome “Fellows Program”. The program is to provide mentorship and support to emerging entrepreneurs participating in Awesome DC region business creation programs.

The program will work with partnering organizations that are having business formation competitions — they will provide a prize and mentorship. But, they will go through their partners, such as the University of Maryland, the George Washington University, the George Mason University and so forth. They are not trying to create another silo – They work with the folks who are already working with entrepreneurs and making things happen. Read more of this post

Once a Geek, you will always be a Geek! Hire a MARCOM or Hook up with other Great Geeks

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve learned that we can have the most incredible ideas, but if we fail to come up with the right messaging or building the right brand, our startup could end up nowhere. Typically, a startup hires a marketing communications person or even a PR agency to help them with that task . But, what would you do if you don’t have the funding to afford one? Well, do what I recently did 🙂 Hook up with other successful entrepreneurs to learn from their experiences and wisdom.

Since, the beta launch of awesomize.me, we have changed the main message on our homepage many times. None of them was able to convey the message clearly until our most recent posting which has already increased our user registration by 20% since we took it live 24 hours ago. Thanks to the advice of Craig Newmark, the founder of  Craigslist. Read more of this post

Hermione Way – The New Smoking Hot Media Entrepreneur in America

I was recently interviewed via Skype by Hermione Way, and she is determined to help startups to get their dream buzz that other media usually fail to do right. Although the quality of our skype video call wasn’t that great, I came away impressed with how she asked intelligent, though provoking questions and could grasp awesomize.me.  So, I decided to do a little bit of checking on Hermione Way. Those of you startup Washingtonians, you definitely need to be on her radar.

Hermione Way is a British journalist and media entrepreneur babe who moved to the US about six months ago.  She is currently based in San Francisco working for The Next Web.   What I like about her style compared to others like TechCrunch, Mashable, GigaOm, Venturebeat,  as well as the major media giants like NY Times and LA Times who have covered my previous ventures, is her preparation and personal approach.  In our conversation, it was very apparent that she takes her time to study every startup, and subsequently goes about asking entrepreneurs the right questions. She brings a personal touch by interviewing them either face to face or via Skype. I find her and her approach very refreshing in the world of media and journalism – particularly when it comes to the coverage of tech startups which are typically more challenging to be understood by the journalists.

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Tech Cocktail’s 2011 DC Winter Mixer Event last week

Those of you missed it,  Tech Cocktail did an awesome job in organizing their 2011 DC Winter Mixer event last Wednesday at Slaviya in the heart of Adams Morgan. There were about 10 DC startups showcased their solution offerings including us, awesomize.me 🙂 :

  • Poshbrood – A website that takes the “Are we there yet?” out of family travel and helps frazzled moms find relaxing family escapes they deserve.
  • WatchParty –  WatchParty allows you to interact with others while you watch favorite shows! Be part of the audience without leaving your couch.
  • Awesomize.me – Your personal and corporate reputation/brand management tool,  leveraging the power of the community. Read more of this post

Meet Awesome DC’s soulmate: Proudly Made In DC

Proudly Made in DC is a new website  recently brought to my attention by my CTO.  If you are an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and  particularly if you are a Washingtonian, you got to check them out as well as provide them with whatever support you can. Proudly Made in DC has a similar mission as my Awesome DC minus coverage  of  clubbing and partying around DC area.   The site focuses on technology and startups in the Washington, D.C. metro.  Their homepage lists all the great local startups including our own new venture, awesomize.me 🙂 Read more of this post