Washington, D.C. Finally Made It To The Forbes 2014 List Of Most Awesome City

After having lived and worked in many popular cities including Tehran, Shiraz, Paris, London, Bonn, Alicante, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, D.C., I found DC as one of the most awesome and coolest city in America. That’s why back in 2009, I launched my D.C. based blog awesomeDC.com with the intention of showing the world Washington, DC is much more than just Politics, corruption, and scandals. I have been covering everything in awesome DC, with the focus on the technology, start ups,  parties, clubs, events, and of course the awesome Washingtonians, specially, the gorgeous and model looking women of DC 🙂 Read more of this post

We Did It! Awesome Washington, DC No.1 on Forbes List Of America’s New Tech Hotspots

Washington DC tech hub

Back in December of 2009, Elias Shams launched AwesomeDC blog with mainly One MISSION to accomplish:  To wipe out  all those Politics, corruption, and scandals crap from the face of Washington, DC.  Then to position the Nation’s capital as a city of technology, partying, clubbing and fun! Mainly  as a Tech hub. Read the 2nd paragraph right below the video of his interview with CNN where he says “My intention with this blog is to show the world Washington, DC is much more than just Politics, corruption, and scandals. Frankly, I am not sure of that myself either, but I will try  I will be covering everything happening in awesome DC, with the focus on the technology, parties, clubs, events, and of course the awesome Washingtonians” Read more of this post

Incentives for Your High Tech Business in Awesome Washington, DC

How the DC High Tech Incentive Program Can Help You Grow Your Business

Washington, DC has emerged as a hotbed of entrepreneurship and technology in the Mid-Atlantic region and nationally. High technology startups located in DC are eligible for incentives to help them reduce costs and grow. If you are the owner of a high technology startup with at least two employees, or you may soon find yourself growing to this level, then you may be eligible for DC’s High Tech Incentive program. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about this program, then look no further than a panel discussion with representatives from the DC government, area financial professionals, and startups taking advantage of the high tech incentive program. Read more of this post

DC Technology Business Innovation recommendations – Presentation Transcript

The pretty one is me, Jamey is the other one

A few month after Vincent Gray, our new mayor was elected last year,  one of the most awesome Washingtonian entrepreneurs, Jamey Harvey, founder of the DC based startup, Sponto and Marullus Williams, President and CEO of Limbic Systems, the DC based IT solution provider led a group of civic minded, entrepreneurial technologists and investors in a conversation about what we could do to make DC more awesome for Startups. The group included Peter Corbett, Jonathan Aberman, Doug Humphrey, Susan Banta, Julie Silard Kantor, Adam Rubinson, Wolf Ruzicka, Dutch Dunham and me, the awesomizer.

The mayor has declared this to be the technology startup month and he’s hosting a group of tech CEO’s soon to continue this conversation face-to-face.

Thanks to Jamey who put this slide together, here is the summary of what we did. Feel free to share it with those in your network. Read more of this post

Meet Awesome DC’s soulmate: Proudly Made In DC

Proudly Made in DC is a new website  recently brought to my attention by my CTO.  If you are an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and  particularly if you are a Washingtonian, you got to check them out as well as provide them with whatever support you can. Proudly Made in DC has a similar mission as my Awesome DC minus coverage  of  clubbing and partying around DC area.   The site focuses on technology and startups in the Washington, D.C. metro.  Their homepage lists all the great local startups including our own new venture, awesomize.me 🙂 Read more of this post

The Massive Infrastructure Behind Surfing The Net From Your Cozy Homes in Awesome Washington, DC

Next time you are sitting at one of those cute café in Georgetown or your cozy apartments in Dupont Circle surfing the Net or making a VoIP call to your family back home or getting the News about other countries, here are some photos to remind you of the hell the technologists and engineers like myself had to go through to make that happen. Read more of this post

AT&T is OK with the Forbidden Apple Swinging Behavior

As Apple getting reading to become a swinger and ends her three years exclusive relationship with her man, At&t,  AT&T is gearing up to assure their suger daddies, the investors that the Apple’s threesome or possibly foursome with other carriers will not have a “material negative impact” on their earnings.

Although, most media and bloggers are not buying At&t’s arguments listed below, but I think the company  has a case here. Here is why and how: Read more of this post

Berkeley Research Group Moves to Washington, D.C.

Berkeley Research Group, a preeminent expert services and data analytics firm, opening  new office in Awesome Washington, D.C., bringing the firm’s total headcount to more than 85 professionals, working in six offices across the United States.

BRG’s Washington, D.C. office will be led by Tri MacDonald who is also joined in the Health Analytics practice by Dr. Henry Miller and Jerry Lewandowski. They will be working closely with Mark Abernathy and Julie Nielsen in BRG’s Tampa, Florida office, as well as Kevin O’Brien and Cher Fieri in the Chicago office. Also joining the Washington, D.C. office are Doug Reichert, a financial services expert, and Dr. Keith Reutter, a Ph.D. economist. Read more of this post

Blackboard to Pay $116 Million for Elluminate and Wimba

Blackboard, the DC-based provider of software and services to educational institutions will pay $116 million cash to acquire Calgary-based Elluminate and New York-based Wimba, both developers of virtual classroom technology.

The acquired companies will form the backbone of Blackboard Collaborate, a new, standalone platform that will allow educational institutions to hold synchronous live courses over the web, including audio, video, white board and social learning capabilities. Read more of this post

The Best Entrepreneurs of Awesome Washington, D.C.

Ernst & Young on Thursday night named the winners of its Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for Greater Washington to a sold-out crowd of 650 during a gala in McLean. Winners included:

Sheila Johnson of Salamander Hospitality, Master Entrepreneur

Luke Hillier of ADS, Government Contracting Read more of this post