Washington, D.C. to become Googlized

Google secured a coveted security clearance, which is the first cloud computing app suite to receive the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certification. This means Google’s system is now considered reliable for handling non-classified government data.  Read more of this post

Cloud Computing: Minority Report style surfing and browsing by 2020

Cloud computing has already become a big focal point for a lot of application developers and is going to continue to rise and expand. Web technology isn’t a thing of “page viewing” anymore, and has become a highly advanced programming structure.

Before you continue reading my article, take your time to watch this clip from the 2002 movie, Minority Report: Read more of this post

The Best Entrepreneurs of Awesome Washington, D.C.

Ernst & Young on Thursday night named the winners of its Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for Greater Washington to a sold-out crowd of 650 during a gala in McLean. Winners included:

Sheila Johnson of Salamander Hospitality, Master Entrepreneur

Luke Hillier of ADS, Government Contracting Read more of this post

Telecom Sector Shedding Jobs Big time

Crap! The sector that I put my soul into it from 1986 till early 2000, telecom sector is shedding jobs. Thank God I switched focus from telecom to Internet and social media once I left Yurie and started my first Internet company, Telezoo.  My heart still belongs to telecom though.  I’ve been doing my best to keep myself up-to-date with the latest innovation in the space 🙂

The telecommunications sector had 4,600 fewer jobs in May than in April, employing 929,500 positions in May. However, the year-over-year employment figures show a loss of 47,800 jobs since May 2009 – a nearly 4.9% increase, according to new U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Drilling down a little further, it appears that most of those job losses occurred in the wireline segment. From April 2009 to April 2010, 60,000 jobs were lost in the wireline category. (Those statistics lag a month behind the overall category segment so April statistics are the most recent available. Also, the figures are not seasonally adjusted.) In the wireless subsector, 200 jobs were lost from April 2009 to April 2010. The wireless sector accounted for 194,200 jobs in April 2010. Read more of this post

Capital Connection’10 Showcased the Latest Technology Innovations

The two day Capital Connection’10 event organized by the Mid-Atlantic Venture Association (MAVA) provided the opportunity to 40 early stage and 15 later stage companies to pitch their products and services to hundreds of  advisors, government decision-makers, angel and institutional investors from all over the country.

Indeed, time flies. Although it was about ten years ago I presented my telezoo to the same crowd at the same event, but it feels like yesterday when I  landed my $5 million VC funding from Lazard and snatched their associate, Marie-Louise Murville as my VP of Marketing a month later 🙂 Read more of this post

It’s MAVA time again!

by Elias Shams
It was about ten years ago I presented my first Internet company, Telezoo at MAVA and received my first cool $3 mil funding.  I didn’t even know how to carry that much money from MAVA to my bank 🙂 Damn! It feels like it was just yesterday.

It’s that time of the year again.

MAVA (Mid-Atlantic Venture Association) on announced the 40 early- and expansion-stage technology companies that have been selected to present at the organization’s Capital Connection ’10 event, scheduled for May 19-20 in Baltimore.

They companies will join 14 later-stage companies to be showcased throughout the conference. Selections were made by a panel of nearly 30 investors and advisors, co-chaired by Tom Grossi of New Enterprise Associates, Steve Fredrick of Grotech Ventures, Tom Roberts of Harbert Venture Partners and Sever Totia of Edison Venture Fund. Read more of this post

The George Washington University Entrepreneurship Seminar

Elias Shams
Here is the full coverage of the GW SEAS Seminars on Entrepreneurship last month. The panelists were:

. Mark Walsh, my former investor and board member at searchles
. Doug Humphrey
– my former board member at Telezoo.com
. Marie-Louise Murville
– my former VP of Marketing at Telezoo.com
. Dan Gordon with the local VC firm, Vallhala Partners

Excellent tips and guidance by all four of them.

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The Love Fest At The George Washington University This Week

Elias Shams
As part of  the great initiative by the George Washington University to boost entrepreneurship in the region, their  School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) will host the third of the four SEAS Seminars on Entrepreneurship this week.

The main topic will be “access to capital“. The discussion will be topics ranging from getting an idea off the ground to accessing start-up capital, and will feature successful entrepreneurs working in many different fields. Here is the good part – the Awesome panelists I have personal stories with. read more…

AOL Beginning To Be Saved by Googlers?

Elias Shams
I have been following AOL on and off since their new CEO, the former Googler, Tim Armstrong took over a year go. It does look like he has been kicking ass and taking names since his take over! The company which has been doubling down on its own local efforts past several months, is now setting up a $10 million venture capital fund to invest in the local space – specifically “local content” services. The new venture fund headed by Jon Brod which operates as part of AOL Ventures will be targeting early-stage startups developing complementary technology and services with a local focus.

Did you hear that DC and NYC startups in “local content”  space? read more…

Embattled TV Industry Saved By My Shiraz Wine

by Elias Shams
Since the birth of the internet, more and more advertisers have been shifting their advertising spending from TV to the Web.   Such a shift even increased with the rise of social networking sites including the one I launched back in 1999, Telezoo.com , the first social networking site targeted IT & Telecom industry four years before myspace and facebook of the world.

The recent example was Pepsi when they pulled the plug on their TV Super bowl ad spot they had held for 23 years, and traded it for $20 million social media campaign called The Pepsi Refresh Project.

The embattled TV industry has been struggling to figure out a way to get the advertisers back with not much luck.  Thanks to my Shiraz wine,  I think I just found the solution as I am wasted scanning through my brand new installed satellite TV network. read more…