2014 Most Awesome Washingtonian Companies! Products! Services! and People! on awesomize.me

Here is the list of the most awesomes in Washington, DC area:
(click on each logo below to view their list)

awesome people

awesome services
awesome products
awesome companies

Curious how they made it to the top on awesomize.me? Their pages were awesomized (rated) by their trusted peers including online fans, friends, clients on both social and professional levels explained here in this video:

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Awesomize your blog via your awesomize.me user profile page

Those of you already have user profile page on awesomize.me, you may now embed your awesomize.me profile page to your blog or your web site. Those of you not a member of awesomize.me yet, I urge you to check it out here and see the reason.

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From Eastern Europe to DC with A Hand At Voting

Elias Shams
Like millions of other immigrants including myself, artist Peter Krsko moved from Eastern Europe to Awesome Washington D.C. in the late 1990s. Interestingly, one of his main excitement about DC is the political system which is a lot different from he came from. read more…