Integrating Social Media Into the DC Schools

Here are a couple of great social media tips I found on mashable that I think our DC chancellor, Ms. Rhee should look into them for DC schools. Given one of her recent accomplishment I  covered yesterday and given our kids will be  hooked on  social media regardless  how much we try to discourage them not to be, these tips should not be overlooked.

The fact is, social media and social networking sites are  here to stay, and with or without rules, kids are going to use them. These are four tips for educators on how to develop a technology policy that seizes on social networking as a learning tool and teaches children how to use it responsibly. Read more of this post

D.C. schools Tops in Reading among Urban Systems

Here is another list DC made it to the top.  A federal study of trends in 11 major urban school systems shows that only D.C. Public Schools  has made significant gains in reading achievement since 2007 in fourth and eighth grades,  according to National Assessment of Educational Progress this week. The results also echo gains city schools made in the same span on federal math tests. Read more of this post

Free Holiday Concerts At The Willard Hotel In The Heart Of DC

Starting the first day of this month, the Willard has been presenting a free holiday music concert series called Holiday Lobbying and it will end Dec 31th. So, you still have about nine more days.

These free concerts take place Monday-Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Top choral and musical ensembles from around the Washington Metro area will perform in the elegant grandeur of the hotel’s famous lobby.

The Hotel is in the heart of downtown DC and just two blocks from the White House. The Willard is one of the city’s most famous landmarks.

• When:Tue 12/1 – Thu 12/31 (5:30PM)
• Where: The Willard
• Location: 1401 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC Map
• Cost: Free!

The 2009 Holiday Concert that you still have time to see:
• December 22 Cantate Chamber Singers
• December 23The City Singers
• December 29Potomac Harmony
• December 30Suspicious Cheese Lords
• December 31 Philomela

Here is the ones you already missed:

• December 1 – Alexandria Choral Society Children’s Chorus
• December 2 – The McLean Symphony Festival Singers
• December 3 – 18th Street Singers
• December 4 – Carmina & Illuminare
• December 5 – Barrington Madrigals
• December 6 – Capital Accord Chorus
• December 7 – Voce
• December 8 – Children’s Chorus of Washington
• December 9 – The Colonial Singers
• December 10 – Washington Chorus Outreach Singers
• December 11 – Washington Women’s Chorus
• December 12 – Capitol Hill Chorale
• December 13 – Washington Chorus Outreach Singers
• December 14 – Annandale Singers
• December 15 – Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School
• December 16 – The Thomas Circle Singers
• December 17 – Vienna-Falls Chorus
• December 18 – Sound Advice
• December 19 – Counter Top Quartet
• December 20 – The Colonial Singers
• December 21 – Musica Oriana

Here is inside the Willard

And, here is around the Willard

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