Facebook Seeking a Few Good Men or Women – Prefers the Washingtonians

As Facebook’ number of users hit 500 million including 150 million of them from the US, tighter privacy rules being discussed in D.C by the lawmakers. The company is looking for a public-policy expert and a deputy press spokesman in Washington, D.C. as expanding its Washington, D.C., office and consulting with privacy advocates.

The move comes as the lawmakers questioning how well the world’s largest social-networking site protects the personal information of users. If you have either of such expertises and hopefully residing in Washington  DC metro, here is a good opportunity for you to go after. Read more of this post

Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Aug 24, 2010 – No. 6

Name: Valerie Vollmers
Live in: Awesome MD
Originally from: Davidsonville, Maryland, home of horses
Profession: Professional Model
What I love about DC area the most: DC is non-stop. From Charity Galas to Political functions it is always a mix of FUN and CAUSES. It’s a city full of smart, motivated and energized people doing things to make a DIFFERENCE.

About me: Growing up my Dad always said you would arrive on the scene whether a beach or party and by the end of the day you would know everybody. Well it hasn’t changed much. Read more of this post

Awesome Washingtonian of the Day Aug 23, 2010 – No. 5

Name: Katie Rost

Live in: Awesome MD

Originally from: Potomac, Maryland

Profession: Professional Model

What I love about DC area the most:

About me: I’ve been working as a professional model for just over a decade.  I’ve been on every side of the modeling world from high fashion shows in Paris for design houses like Lanvin to mainstream catalogue companies like JCrew and  Saks Fifth Avenue.  I’ve  been a muse for fashion icon Stephen Burrows since my first years in New York and still does his show –which is a must see for Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley– for fashion week as my golden rule.  Read more of this post

More Fund for Jobless Homeowners of Washington, D.C.

Good News for those of you Washingtonian unemployed with the mortgage payment responsibility! The administration announced yesterday that they  send a $3-billion lifeline to jobless homeowners struggling to make mortgage payments.

One program will assist 17 states with higher than average unemployment, along with Washington, D.C.

Another part of  the plan includes a new $1 billion program that will offer loans to unemployed borrowers at risk of losing their homes. The loans, which will be dispersed through nonprofit and housing agencies, will carry 0% interest and be good for a maximum of $50,000 for up to two years. Read more of this post

Shake Shack Opening up in Washington, D.C.

As the crappiest Burger joint, fuddruckers closes down, another one blooms. Not that we had  shortage of Burger in Washington, D.C., Shake Shack is  just about to open  right south of Dupont Circle where Fuddruckers used to be. 

Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group announced the opening of the Shake Shack in Washington, DC today. Read more of this post

Vagina Strikes Again!

No!  The target wasn’t a politician nor a Washingtonian this time. The target was the CEO, President and Chairman of the number 2 global computer maker, HP, Mark Hurd who is  resigning from all of his positions with the company effective immediately.

As for whose Vagina? A former HP contractor.

Guess what? Hurd gets $50 million severance that costs HP shareholders $10 Billion. This is what I call the perfect Strike 🙂  If it costs the shareholders that much money, why not just pay the girl $50 million and send her packing? No wonder companies are moving overseas. Corporate America is digging its own grave by allowing lawyers to create situations like this. Read more of this post

The Social Media Effect: The moment I wake up, before I put on my make up

Guess what’s the first thing babes do in the morning these days before they put on their make up, brush their teeth, and shower?

According to a new recent study by Oxygen Media and Lightspeed Research, over one-third of the babes aged 18-34 including the Washingtonian babes check Facebook when they first wake up, even before they do through their old traditional routine.

The study sampled the habits of less than 2,000 adults using social media between May and June of this year in an attempt to break down their social media habits. Some of the results are simply shocking:

  • 21% of women age 18-34 check Facebook in the middle of the night
  • 63% use Facebook as a networking tool
  • 42% think it’s okay to post photos of themselves intoxicated
  • 79% are fine with kissing in photos Read more of this post

Washington DC Area Free Skin Cancer Screenings

Kamran Abdi
Aveeno and Rite Aid have teamed up for the third annual Road to Healthy Skin Tour providing free full-body skin cancer screenings to the public in Washington DC. Additionally, Aveeno will be offering free sunscreen samples.

Given EPA has labeled the DC area high classification,  you do not want to miss this. The free skin cancer screenings began yesterday and continue till tomorrow. read more…

Fear In DC

A DC Tale From a Washingtonian – Todd Esterline

No, it’s not what you think. My fears may be similar to others, but most probably call it a frustration rather than a fear. I have been coming into D.C. from the Fredericksburg area for the last five years to enjoy the great culture, especially the restaurants (my field). I have a fear of the parking. Maybe it stems from being nearly late for a meeting a few years ago while finding absolutely no available parking. It most probably comes from the time I was trying to park in an old underground parking facility (which will remain nameless since I don’t know the name) and it was so full, the attendants kept sending me deeper and deeper into the bowels of the underground. Read more…

Forget Paris! Forget NYC! Forget Moscow! It’s Washington DC! Yeah Baby Yeah!

by Kamran Abdi
I have been a Washingtonian since 1985. I have never seen so many new night clubs popping out in every corner of DC like this. It totally feels like the rise of Obama administration has attracted a large number of young people from all over the nation and the world to our Capital. DC has become such a young city, not that it wasn’t before, it has just become even younger. Not to mention the insane ratio of women to men. You can easily notice seven women for one man in DC. No complain 🙂

There is a new happening place just opened in Dupont Circle two blocks from where I live. It’s called Lounge One , and it is AWESOME! The place is a bar, lounge, restaurant, and you could say a night club. I went there last night for the first time. OMG! It was raining women 🙂 Referring to my previous post about the Mullah’s preach, death, and sex with seventy two virgins in heaven, they should have called this place “Heaven One” . Why traveling all the way up there with no return flight? The real heaven is right here in Dupont Circle 🙂

I had never seen so many beautiful women in one club like this. It was too much to handle. It was insane. Men were slaughtered left and right! I shall call it The Mecca of the Night Clubs. It was packed with just unbelievably gorgeous and sensational women. I think they must have had a “Hot Models Only” sign at the door.

The ceiling is not that high, but the layout, the dynamics, and the atmosphere are so cozy, modern, and fantastic. You can tell I had a blast with my digital camera 🙂 Even my camera could not handle the heat:

Read more…